Venom Pupils

Grassroots Seed

My special lady found this seed during a sesh. Soaked in RO water for 12 hours then straight to the rock wool block. 3 days later it germinated beautifully.

Venom Pupils

Day 69 (Week 10)


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Day: 69

Clones started taking a dive on me while my son was in hospital for a few days. Recovering with FOOP mist and regular watering. Hope they hang on.

4 days ago


NovaCanee Good luck bro you got this 😌💪🏾

Day: 56


Took 6 clones from her today and removed lower LST benders from the branches.

17 days ago

Day: 56


Took 6 clones from her. Took off the LST and allowed her to heal. Now in ICU.

16 days ago

Day: 55

Transplanting and cloning tomorrow, then going to keep this as a Mother.

18 days ago

Day: 48

LST coming along nicely. No signs of stress after the first round of training. Allowing the branches to grow more before making the next change.

25 days ago

Day: 43

Trying out new LST parts for bending branches 90°. See if it helps with the lower colas. Updates soon.

a month ago


OHIGHOGrows 🫡💯 I use bud trainer bud clips (yellow)

Water the plants

Water the plants More cabbage growers this app is dissapointing. Looking for people that grow hemp

Day: 27


Don’t mind the ugly clone next to it. It’s just making its way back from ICU. Venom Pupils though was transplanted yesterday to a new home and new soil mix. Definitely enjoying this plant so far. Thanks again to my dispensary for the free seeds.

2 months ago

Day: 23

Coming along well. On the 4th node. Will top once 5th node matures.

2 months ago

Day: 7

Starting to stretch. Going to move it closer to the light.

2 months ago

Day: 3


Successful germination!

2 months ago