FIRST GROW: Northern Lights- DWC


3 Northern Lights autoflowers by victory seeds in a 2x4x5 tent using general hydroponics nutes in 5 gal buckets

Northern Lights - Victory Seeds

Day 11 (Week 2)

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Day: 11

Huge jump after week 1 nutrients, they grew this much in 2 days

4 years ago

Shawn447420 Holy shit

CashMula How many watts is your lights? I have a similar set up but I’m in 2gallon bucket

Day: 9


Week:1 Day:2 Stage:Veg Light Height: 19 inches Nutrient: FLORA 0.5 ML Gro + Bloom per Gallon and 0.25 ML Bloom per gallon PH:5.5-5.8 NOTES- Bucket changes went smooth, plants are now perking their leaves to the lights, this shows good health! We also have roots in all 3!

4 years ago

Day: 8


Week:1 Day:2 Stage:Veg Light Height: 19 inches Nutrient: N/A PH:5.5-5.8 NOTES- Bucket change tomorrow, icky water!

4 years ago

Day: 6

Week:0 Day:6 Stage:Early Veg Light Height: 24 Inches from canopy Nutrient:None PH:5.5-5.8

4 years ago

Day: 5

Lowered the lights to 24 inches from about 33.

4 years ago

Day: 4

Currently no root growth outside of netpot, now we essentially just wait and keep a close eye, I won’t be updating until day 7 with my nutrient amounts and measurements, as well as growth updates.

4 years ago

Shawn447420 Make sure you keep me updated

ATLAS2k15 Obviously fam

Day: 3


Currently looking really good, watching for root zone expansion into the bucket, however all 3 have yet to reach that far so we continue on, no water change, essentially running 20/4 100 Veg 100 Bloom on a viparspectra 600w. It seems 2 was perfectly fine, just needed a little longer to pop, now all 3 are looking good, 1 being the farthest ahead 2 being behind the most. I think this far everything is going as planed, once more stem length is added I will add hydroton to protect the buckets from light in/near root zones.

4 years ago

Day: 2


Same stuff as yesterday, plants one and three are showing more stem growth and leafs are pointing straight up towards the light, SO FAR SO GOOD... However seed 2 worries me, I’m not quite sure if it’s far behind from 1 and 3 or just dying... any suggestions would be nice, I covered 3 in more hydroton as well and pinched the wool around the seed a tiny bit tighter, nothing insane just to protect root zones from light.

4 years ago

ATLAS2k15 So after further research, I believe my 2nd plant is damping off due to high humidity in my dome without proper maintenance, I have since installed a vent fan pulling air out at 200 cfm, with 2 sick vent holes in the tent open to prevent large amounts of negative pressure and to intake air.

Day: 1


The plants were in a humidity dome for 3 days at 99% humidity ranging from 70-76°F after day 3, all three plants were transplanted. First seedling (Donna) is showing great sprouting thus far, shedding her seed and fully showing two mini leafs. The second plant (Jackie) has not yet shed her seed cover. The third plant (Fez) has shed his seed and is growing but had not yet came fully through the wool, but was showing green, (half of a mini leaf). These three have now been transplanted to 3, 5 gallon buckets at a 5.5 PH level, no nutrient. They will stay this way until about day 5-7.

4 years ago

Namethestrain Hopefully I’ll see a update soon doing hydroponics myself

ATLAS2k15 Update coming in less than an hour.