Outdoor Transfered Indoor

Summer 2018

Given to by neighbor. She was started from bean in March (3 months ago). Topped and under full spectrum CFL bulbs.


Day 120 (Week 18)

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Day: 120

Made a lollipop out of her. Lower branches not getting enough light. Almost flower time!

6 years ago

Day: 110

Back inside she goes to a custom space, needs more light!

6 years ago

TerraDawn Thanks so much!

Day: 105

Decided to remove from the grow tent. Recovering from LST nicely

6 years ago

Day: 100

Not much happening, still recovering from the late LST’ing

6 years ago

Day: 97

Recovering from LST and under unfavorable lighting conditions

6 years ago

Day: 95

Morning after LST and responding!

6 years ago

Day: 94

Taming the beast with LST

6 years ago

Day: 93

Moved inside grow tent by Vivosun hung full spectrum CFL, until LST’d

6 years ago

MotherGoose Plant hasn’t stretched yet? You might run out of room in tent when it starts flowering.

TerraDawn I can see that happening Mother Goose, going to do some bending and yo-yo them. Should be interesting! Thanks for the comment!

MotherGoose It happened to me. Good luck!!

Day: 92

Trying experiment, stay tuned..

6 years ago

Day: 91

Waiting for grow room..like a Xmas tree boss! Transferred to 3.4 gal Molded Fiber Container, engineered to breathe. 1 Tbs Epson Salt Plant Nutrition sprinkled around the base then watered.

6 years ago

Weed_Fairy What does epsom salt do?

TerraDawn Epson salt is an old Gardner’s trick for planting, transplanting, and a folier spray. Not sure if I’m seeing any real results yet, using it on some and not on others. Give ‘Epson salt for plants’ a google for more! Thanks for the question and follow!!

Day: 90

56” or 4’ 8” from soil. Grown from bean and outdoors for 3 months.

6 years ago