Double Black Domina

Feminized from G13 Seeds

Started 3 seeds. SeaSoil potting mix with added perlite. All 3 came up and are healthy. All three were topped at 2 weeks. These are mothers

Double Black Domina Fem

Day 95 (Week 14)

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Day: 95

Even canopy starts on day one

5 years ago

Day: 94

Super happy moms. Taking clones soon

5 years ago

Day: 88


Bushing our nicely!!

5 years ago

Dukeshaba Try and get those tall ones down it’ll help push up the lower ones

Drkbud Yeah, I’m about to clip and clone the tall ones.

Day: 86

Healthy happy mommas

5 years ago

Day: 81


5 years ago

Day: 79


5 years ago

Dukeshaba They filled back in nice and quick

Drkbud Thanks!! No more stressing, just going to let the mamas do their thing. I’m so stoked to flower this strain!

Dukeshaba I’ve heard good things about it so I’ll be following along lol... what kind of light do you have?

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Day: 76


Mamas got their hair done. All tied down and ready to bush.

5 years ago

Dukeshaba Nice training bro

Drkbud Thanks Dukeshaba! These are short and stocky moms for a SOG ebb and flow

Day: 71


Transplant day. Er’body’s happy happy happy

5 years ago

Day: 66

Super Healthy

5 years ago

Day: 61

Healthy and happy, starting to bush out nicely.

5 years ago

Day: 58

Tied down to open up the middle.

5 years ago

Day: 56

Looking way better.

5 years ago

Day: 51

Transplant day to 1/2 gal pots with sea soil container, Gaia 444, Myke’s micro, sea soil compost. Plants are recovering from nitrogen deficiency on top of too much light too soon. 600w MH raised back up. Live, learn, and grow

5 years ago

Day: 44

Had a bit of stress due to nitrogen, cal, mag deficiency and topping. All looks better and coming back nicely

5 years ago

Day: 37


Topped all secondary branches

5 years ago

Day: 36

Stacking nicely

5 years ago

Day: 34

First very light feeding of organic nutes

5 years ago

Day: 33

Tie down day, time to bush it out.

5 years ago

Day: 32


Topped at 2 wks. Straight 6.3 ph water no nutes. 3 distinct phenos. 2 are a bit leggier than the one that’s short and stocky.

5 years ago