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Day 59 (Week 9)

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Day: 59

Im going to harvest her this week because im seeing curling on the sugar leaves. Putting her in the closet for 48hrs of darkness

a year ago

Day: 54

Shes definitely burning from nutes i imagine, im thinking its the soil was too hot. But ill give her another two weeks probably before i chop her

a year ago

Day: 51

Her nugs are getting thicker with a lot of trichomes, shes pretty small though and im not sure how to gauge when to harvest in the future

a year ago

Day: 44

Shes been okay , i snapped a branch on her twice and put a band aid on it

a year ago

Day: 34

Just a check in , shes doing great prob because i dont stress her woth lst as much as the others

a year ago

Day: 29

She started showing some pistils, going to water with nutes and epsom salt

a year ago


BINAII What’s with the epsom salt? Something I don’t know?

lawntools @BINAII i was suggested to use epsom salt to give the plant some magnesium, which basically helped the yellowing leaves start growing green again

Day: 23

I topped her a couple of days ago and started lst today

a year ago

Day: 16

Shes doing good, no complaints

a year ago

Day: 11

Check in.

a year ago

Day: 7

Shes doing fine gave her some mosquito bits to stop gnats with water and a little bit of advanced nutes “micro bloom grow “

a year ago

Day: 5

Checking in on her (installed a small sansi 24w light bulb to help the burple with the green spectrum & it also helps photos)

a year ago

Day: 3

Shes standing up now

a year ago

Day: 1

Cotedlyon leaves showing

a year ago

Day: 0

In soil

a year ago