10 clones taken from current grows, will use strongest 6. Critical XXL, venom, rainbow 🌈 glue, Gelato 🍧 cookies πŸͺ.


Day 118 (Week 17)

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Day: 118

57/63 couple of plants ready in a day or two.

a year ago


vet19vet75 Those look amazing. Nice job.

Day: 114

53/63 .

a year ago

Day: 105

44/63 front left added 40 veg lemon πŸ‹ venom. When these girls are done , this space is staying on flower going to add one new plant each week

a year ago


JG705 What kind of wizardry made this possible? πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸͺ„

moon.unit That’s was meant to say 40 day vegged lemon venom

Day: 98

37/63. Way over half way through the scheduled 63-70 day flower. The venom front middle has not really got going in flower yet. Shame was a tiny clone taken from a 7wk+ flowering mother.

a year ago

Day: 93


a year ago


acesgrowyard What stain is those

moon.unit A mix , bottom right orange cookie auto, rest critical Xxl. Rainbow glue, lemon venom

Day: 90

30/63 half way ish .

a year ago

Day: 84


a year ago


SinSemillaWhisperer420 Beautiful garden !

Day: 77


a year ago

Day: 73


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Day: 70


a year ago

Day: 67


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Day: 62


a year ago

Day: 58

35/35 veg βœ… . -1/63 🌸 flipped 12/12

a year ago

Day: 49

25/35 days in the veg. Heavy fees today as these girls are going alone for a week while I go on my hols. Will flip when I get homs

a year ago


RawVibez Godspeed girlie’s

Day: 45

21/35 more topping and heavy LST on the four big ones. All looking strong πŸ’ͺ. Added a cheeky auto in the gap.

a year ago

Day: 42


a year ago

Day: 37

14/35 topped and secured biggest plants, will let grow out six inches now and see what they look like then, want to do a better job of controlling the amount of popcorn so going to lollipop 🍭 later

a year ago

moon.unit Will go over 35 day veg now. Going on hols when I wanted to flip. Too early before I go

Day: 34

11/35 still waiting for a couple more girls. Struggling with low humidity.

a year ago

Day: 27

4/35 veg.

a year ago

Day: 23

0/35 Veg . Two clones still to add when they take.

a year ago

moon.unit Seen a few thrips 😑 already. Sprayed with horticultural oils.

Day: 17

All ready to go , still waiting for two mores clones to root. Have come up two short so have started soaking two critical XXL Seeds. Hope to have all filled this week. 35 day veg

2 years ago

moon.unit Added two extra over original plan,

Day: 0

10 clones will use best 6 for grow22

2 years ago