5th Grow - Strawberry Nuggets

Summer 2022

AC Infinity Controller, tent, and exhaust. SpiderFarmer sf1000. Cali supersoil. Ocean Forest top soil.

Mephisto - Strawberry Nuggets

Day 74 (Week 11)

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Day: 74

Chop chop! Honestly glad this is done. I need a break to get recharged. I barely gave her any attention and the yield will show, but it’s okay. Ready for a much needed break and vacation! Will start the next grow in September.

2 years ago

Day: 72

Almost done.

2 years ago

Day: 64

So many things wrong, but still growing it to see what happens.

2 years ago


youcanthavethat1 That extra stress could make for some good buds tho, it don’t look bad fr

Day: 50


I don’t like this one either, almost zero buds so far. I can’t dial in these grows with the LED.

2 years ago


zdgrows37 PPFD around 900 and check VPD


zdgrows37 Leaf temp around 82 f

GalacticRetro I bought that meter for my phone and it didn’t work so I have no idea what it is until I get a real one. I definitely need to raise temp in the tent though.

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Day: 37

I have identified some of the issues. Overwatered, wind burn, light was too close, and possible nitrogen deficiency. Trying to correct all those now, hopefully it’s not too late. This is still my first LED grow, it’s been very tough to dial it all in and get a plant past the 3 week mark.

2 years ago


zdgrows37 What is your vpd? Took me a while to learn LED like temps around 82 and humidity around 70


zdgrows37 leaf temp 82

GalacticRetro Wow, my temp inside my tent it’s 70-71, 60% humidity. I do have a space heater I could turn on outside the tent in the closet it’s in.

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Day: 32

Not looking good. Overwatered? Underwatering? Added some cal mag but not sure what’s going on.

2 years ago

Day: 29

Still not sure about the discoloration. I moved my fan and used just plain water this morning.

2 years ago

GalacticRetro Added some calmag today! Fingers crossed.

Day: 26


I need help! I’m so confused why my plant and leaves are looking how they are. I can’t dial in this damn LED board. I was running 60%, so I raised it and the PPF reading from my app was like 280 at max strength. Am I overthinking it? I don’t think the app is working correctly. I raised the light to about 20” and running it at 80% now. Any help would be awesome!

2 years ago


D B That looks like a deficiency or lockout not light or heat stress. I would keep your light where the manufacturer recommends and flush to runoff with plain water. Then when it dries back feed but start at half strength and increase slowly as she gets bigger. Make sure to PH your water for your particular media.

Peng Yeah I agree with DB, my gut is saying molybdenum but I don’t know your plants history, so I could be wrong


D B Exactly without knowing the feed schedule that’s the best plan I think.

Day: 19

Couple of leaf deficiencies, will use cal mag soon. At least I got to this point, was starting to really doubt myself. Took quite a while to really dial in my first LED grow.

2 years ago

Day: 13

I waited to post this until it got to a good point. My last three have died. Change the soil and here we go!

2 years ago