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Day 49 (Week 7)

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Day: 49

Looking good, sadly I have a feeling it’ll be a male

4 years ago

Day: 42

Growing well so far

4 years ago

Day: 35

Started training and I topped the plant

4 years ago

Day: 28

Healthy, about to buy an actual grow light and transplant into a bigger pot this week, maybe topping and training also

4 years ago

Day: 21

Looking healthy so far, deciding if I should get grow box or grow light first

4 years ago

Day: 14

2 7/8” tall, steady growth

4 years ago

Day: 7

Transplanted into a bigger pot, hopefully plant can take it. About 1 1/2” tall, started 3rd set of leaves 18/6 light 12” above top of plant still no luck germinating second bag seed so far 1/10

4 years ago

Day: 3

1-1/4” tall, 16/8 light cycle, miracle grow, small second set of leaves showing, no luck germinating a second seed

4 years ago