Gifted Seeds- FTG, no idea what they are

Growing indoors

I was gifted seeds and started soaking them. Never grew at all so not sure what to do. So far I got them sprouting so that’s a plus


Day 60 (Week 9)


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Day: 61


So for the girls. I decided to mix 1/4 cup nutes into the soil followed by watering with molasses water ( 1/2 gallon per pot). I’m going to switch to flower today and see what happens. Saw it on living soils YouTube. Let’s see if it works. Day 0 of flower 12/12

a day ago

Day: 60

They are really improving! I’m beyond excited. Any tips on LsT?

3 days ago


ash6793 Usually I use garden wire and paper clips to avoid cutting holes in my fabric pots.

Day: 57


Watered with compost tea followed by regular water.

6 days ago

Day: 56


Decided to start some LST with some 3d printed clamps. Sprung back quick after 6 hours.

6 days ago

Day: 54

Watered with compost tea. Can anyone explain the leaf colors? Only on one plant

8 days ago

Day: 53

When should I switch to flower based on my 2 x 4 tent?

9 days ago


GrNadeGrade When the plant is roughly half the height that your tent can accommodate.

Day: 51


Plants were just watered with one cup each of compost tea

11 days ago

Day: 49


Plants are looking sexy today! I mixed up some compost tea and by tomorrow I can add it to the plants. Says one cup? Is that accurate? How often should I add to my girls?

13 days ago

Day: 47

Moved light intensity to 75% instead of 50%. Misted leaves. Let’s see how they do

15 days ago


organic_grower What with the shredded paper?


blazinherb I second the motion for whats with the shredded paper?

crazybuds89 Mulch lmao

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Day: 45

Got some saucers for the girls to go on and mulched some shredded paper to help keep the moisture in. Living soil medium

18 days ago

Day: 44

Added fertilizer. Only one and a half shot glasses to the soil each. Mixed in with my hands and then watered all around. Boom on the new growth!

18 days ago

Day: 43

Day one of adding one shot glass full of fertilizer to each pot. Mixing it into the soil with my fingers then watering. I’m hoping I didn’t over fertilize. Can’t wait to see the boost

19 days ago

amoss How did it work? I’m learning how much fertilizer we should add, also.

crazybuds89 Great. Check out my next set of pics. Posting now. So much new growth

Day: 42

I have soil fertilizer coming in. 4-9-5. I will be amending into soil as soon as it comes in. Otherwise they are starting to pick up and grow. I can see the leaves needs nutes bad.

20 days ago

Day: 39

Can’t wait to see this boom. I can all ready see much growth since I moved them into their pots. Any concerns you see?

23 days ago


AlwaysBoofing Yes they need nitrogen immediately

crazybuds89 Fastes way to boost nitrogen?

crazybuds89 I made a coffee ground tea

Day: 38

Topped the girls yesterday. Watered each pot with one and a half shot glasses of water. Misted the tent and plants down. Think they are growing pretty good so far

24 days ago

Day: 36


Just a little photo bomb. How do they look?

a month ago

Day: 34

First full day after transplanting. Looks a little transplant shocked. Some yellowish in the leaves

a month ago

Day: 33


Transplanted the ladies into 5 gallon pots. Deb pending how big they get I’ll remove the weaker ones if I need too. How much should I be watering these girls now? I’ve been watering 100ml. Basically five kids medicine cups when it looks like they are dry.

a month ago

b19boston I usually lift the pot ever now and then while watering to gauge the weight. I also lightly feel the soil as well as look for color changes .


Caliban I’m a 5G pot I often water every other day depending on the dryness of the top 2”. About 2quarts per pot. My Rh is very low so the plants drink a lot.

Day: 32


Loving watching my girls grow up. Thinking about Monday or Tuesday transplanting.

a month ago

Day: 27

So I turned up the lighting to 50 % instead of 25% and tomorrow I will be transplanting them into their 5 gallon containers. I’ll wait a week then I plan to top them. They are definitely in need of some loving

a month ago

Day: 25

Orange circled plants im testing a banana coffee ground tea. Others just using water. Started today. Will be curious to know if the runts of the pots get bigger and match the others size

a month ago


Caliban You need to repot into at least 5gallon if you want a yield

crazybuds89 Absolutely I will be within a week I think


Caliban I would do it much sooner. They are starved for nutrients. 😆😏

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Day: 23


When’s it good to top them off?

a month ago


ig:@eaegifts If you’re referring to topping them two crest to main colas✂️ then it’s not time yet. Too small to top them, if you top this small it’ll drastically slow them down, you should first repot and bury most of the stem leaving out about an inch. Once you repot get an oscillating fan going to help strengthen stems. Good luck with your girls 👍🏾


ig:@eaegifts To create I meant 🤣💨

crazybuds89 Should I repot now you think or wait?

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Day: 20

Going to wait till next week then I’ll transplant them. Was some good starter soil that’s cheap? Can I just buy potting soil and mix with compost maybe?

a month ago

Day: 19

Good to transplant yet?

a month ago


phriedphoenix I’d hold off for another week. They look fairly fresh

Day: 16

Just got my tent kit in and built! First time grower. Can anyone give advice/changes that I need to do? Lights set to 25% being so close and set on 18/6 cycle

2 months ago

Day: 13

Girls seem to be growing good. Keeping a fan on them and lights are set for veg stage. Watering once a day. First time grow

2 months ago


xXBorn2BreedXx They look to be stretching quite a bit. What type of light are you using and how far away is it.


xXBorn2BreedXx Im a first time grower as well. Check out ppl on YouTube like the From Seed to Stoned page, they also have a discord and help out a lot.


xXBorn2BreedXx Look up “cannabis damping off” just to be sure it isn’t that as well.

Day: 8

So I made makeshift stakes because I had my light too high and they were getting lengthy. I lower the light and added more mix to the top of the cups. When I plant them I plan to add mix to the very first leaves. I think they are growing good, how about you guys and gals?

2 months ago

Day: 7

So my stems started tipping over. I put more dirt to the rim then made stakes for them. Hopefully this helps a little. Any tips? Please let me know

2 months ago


Jair177 I’m only on my 3rd grow so I definitely don’t know everything. However, when you transplant to a larger pot just bury them a little deeper so your seedlings don’t tip. I would suggest moving your light a bit closer so you don’t have so much stretching.

drdave1 Put a fan on them, just enough to make them sway back and forth a little, it will strengthen the plant


triston805 Yeah I had this problem and ended up just starting new seeds. The light is to high. I think recommendations are 48-60 inches for seedlings. How high do you have the light right now from the tops of the plant?

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Day: 5

Another day down. I decided to gently flick the stems back and forth as a commentor suggested. I’ll do this every once in a while and see if it works

2 months ago

Day: 4

Girls are growing up fast :) any tips would love them. Never grew before

2 months ago


FeedtheSoil420 Flick them back and forth gently it will make your main stem stronger.

loudpak23 How do you know if they are males or females ?

crazybuds89 At this stage I don’t think you can

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Day: 3


4 out of 5 sprouted!

2 months ago

Day: 2


Added to cups. Now the waiting game

2 months ago

Day: 0

Seeds sprouting! Unknown type and strain

2 months ago