Fruit by the Motha Fuckin Yard Auto

Fall 2023

3x3 grow. Super strain from Atlas Seeds

Fruit by the Motha Fuckin Yard (atlas seeds)

Day 32 (Week 5)


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Day: 32

Shes gettin big afffff

21 days ago

Day: 17

Shes doing great! Had a little scare with it getting too dry one night but she bounced right back!

a month ago

Day: 13

Lst day!

a month ago

Day: 10

Still not as big as the mimosas x orange punch strain i popped at the same time, hoping it will blow up over night and catch up and not be a small yielder😢

a month ago


zer0applied That twisting tells me her capillaries are bursting with that good old H20 to the max. Throw some cal mag in there and let her dry out :)


zer0applied Also. Seedling, super early veg, minimal nodes etc isn’t exactly an indicator of yield. I grew hemp for a few years, switched over to mainstream strains for thc AND cbd and noticed the explosive growth make or break happens around 2-3 weeks. However. You could be right and I’m just talking to talk haha.

Day: 4

Also sprouting her second node!

2 months ago

Day: 3

Gettin bigger by the day!

2 months ago

Day: 2

Just watered, these autos are growing like crazy!

2 months ago

Day: 1

Nice healthy seedling!

2 months ago

kdcrisis Looks gorgeous! How much water did you start with?


Zachary719 About a quarter cup, just enough to get it damp or i could drowned the lil baby roots. Shes drinkin everyday right now just keeping the soil damp

kdcrisis Perfect! You are awesome!