Mystery seed

My first grow ever

Was given a mystery bag of seeds years ago, I didn’t think they would grow but here we are


Day 8 (Week 2)

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Day: 8


One of the cotyledon leaves isn’t growing as strong as the other one. But otherwise she’s seems to be doing good. I’ll take any tips of advice since this is my first grow ever.

3 years ago


TheMorrisGardener Don’t worry about the cotyledons. They’re just good for feeding the seed into sprouting. Your plant is stretching for light so make sure it’s getting a good amount or it’ll get leggy and potentially stall - I made this mistake. Good luck with your grow! I’m on my first grow as well but I’m about a month in and finally gave in and bought a tent and a better grow light. Looking forward to more progress.

kframe Thank you! I moved the lights closer and your plants are beautiful btw!!


TheMorrisGardener Thank you :). Made several mistakes as you can see in my journal but that’s all part of the process. What sort of light are you using? If it’s not LED or T5 I’d be cautious about the heat burning the leaves. Also don’t spray the plant while it’s under the light (I burned leaves that way). Here’s a great website that explains lighting and how to figure out how much you should be giving your plants. https://420expertguide.com/resource/grow-light-par-ppf-ppfd-values-decoded/