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Test grow bag seed

Bag seed from Rythem Do si Woah

Photo hermi?

Day 33 (Week 5)

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Day: 33

Not dead yet

4 years ago

fozzybear99 Hope it settles in soon and takes off. Ive read that clear cups/pots aren't good for roots because roots don't do well with light? 🤷‍♂️ Good luck tho!!

Day: 29


4 years ago

Day: 28

Still alive kinda

4 years ago

fozzybear99 Still has life

Day: 23

Transplanted due to gnats and stunted

4 years ago

Day: 16

Watered with 1/2 ro 1/2 filteted well water 1 gal. Sprinkled mosquito bits first and sprayed hydrogen peroxide. Also sticky traps to combat gnats

4 years ago

Wyatt-Terp Transplanted to cups to combat the gnats

Day: 14

Trimmed out yesterday and removed from cab, have used 3% peroxide a few times and mixed diotoamtios earth in soil including some soil amendments. Watered 1 gal 1/2 ro 1/2 well water with a cap of vinegar to 5.5 ph

4 years ago

Susanflorez How much are the marijuana plant marijuana plant

Day: 8

Watered 1 gal mixed ro/well with cap of vinegar maybe 5.5ph

4 years ago

Day: 6

Transplanted both seedlings into the 25 gal container and kept wet under a glass. Both are regular seed probably female from hermi bag seed but possibly a male from a cross polination.

4 years ago

Day: 0

Started germination

4 years ago

fozzybear99 Following just cuz of your name. Lol