Cherry Kush


Seed submerged in water for 24 hours before placing on a paper towel with gringo Rasta Rhize up and placed in a Ziploc bag to germ


Day 30 (Week 5)

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Day: 30

Starting LST on this beautiful little girl

5 years ago

Day: 26


Messed up a little bit with giving her the wrong nutrients. Got her corrected and she’s taking off again. Starting some LST with her

5 years ago

Day: 19

Top and transplanted with the addition of some mycorrhizae

5 years ago

Day: 17

Going strong

5 years ago

Day: 15

She is steaming right along! Developing real leaves at a crazy fast rate. Fed her some gringo Rosta mycorrhiza and week one of Foxfarm performance nutrients line

5 years ago

Day: 8

This little lady finally sprung up last night around midnight.

5 years ago

Day: 3

Today was transplant day. Taproot was broken out of the seed. Planted in Foxfarm ocean forest soil mixed with mycorrhiza from the gringo rosta line by Fox Farm

5 years ago

Day: 1

Cherry Kush feminized seed is in the process of germination. Covered in Gringo rosta mycorrhiza Rhize up. Seed has been covered to maintain darkness aside from taking this photo

5 years ago