First Grow


Fast Buds Northern Lights Auto. 2x2x4 tent, VIPARSPECTRA P1500, Miracle Grow Performance Organics with Fox Farm Trio nutrients. Sprouted on 9.22.2021

Northern Lights

Day 93 (Week 14)

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Day: 93

Cut her down today! No scale yet so won’t be weighed until it’s time to cure or completely done. It’s kinda airy bud but the trichomes were cloudy with the a little bit of amber so I have high hopes for a final smoked report.🤞🏽 I was not impressed with the roots and how they looked. They didn’t seem to grow out into the 3gal pot like I expected but I’m pretty sure it’s due to first time mistakes and hiccups we had along the way. I learned a lot and I’m already planning my next grow

2 years ago

Day: 92

Got a better scope to look at the trichomes a little better and I am not disappointed. I think I see all cloudy but I’m gonna check again later when I can put all my attention to her. I think I may also cut some off to try 🥺

2 years ago


greenhouseguy95 I agree with Troy farms on this one. Plants looking great man. Terrific job for your first grow


greenhouseguy95 Airflow is on point in there

Day: 85


Just removed a bunch of leaves to have more light down the middle. Hopefully we will be cutting for Christmas 🤞🏽

3 years ago

Day: 79


3 years ago

AtomicPunk NL was my first grow too. Great strain!

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Very nice 👍

Day: 73

Fatting up and the smell is amazing

3 years ago

Day: 66


Looks like she is shedding her fan leaves and flowering appears to really be picking up finally

3 years ago


combatmedic81 Just me, but I would get rid of those lower yellow leafs , at this point they ain’t doing shit

Day: 62

Getting taller

3 years ago

Day: 54

Going through it currently with my girl. She “looks” healthy but I don’t think she is at all. Why are her leaves doing this 😭 I’ve phd… got it up to 6 but couldn’t get it higher. I flushed again and added back 1/4 nutes and a small dose of cal mag since it looks like a mag or cal deficiency to me. Only growth I see is that it is slowly slowly getting taller but nothing else and we are like 3 since preflower. Leaves taken off are from the bottom and others pictured are from the top and seem to be progressing into more leaves. I only added the nutes back yesterday so I know it’ll take some time. Poor plant hopefully she pulls through these last couple of weeks

3 years ago


combatmedic81 Keep those nutes going and give nitrogen. Might have been trying to eat itself because lack of nutes


GrowinDownSouth Hopefully she pulls thru?? Dawg it looks fine!! She ain’t dyin! Might be a little thick with foliage in the center which is causing some issues on some leaves but I wouldn’t be overly concerned with anything. I think the only issue really is that something is wrong if you can’t make water more basic than a ph of 6.0. Check your pH pen and your up/down solutions because that doesn’t make sense, ya know? And you will invite lots of problems if you’re thinking your stuck at 6.0 but you’re really at 11.0 lol.

Day: 50

Finally on the mend after a hard flush. Now to defoliate or not to defoliate? Any suggestions welcome.

3 years ago


stoned_ginger Personally I’d defoliate the bottom leaves a bit


OLD CROW GROW Healthy!!😎😎

Day: 46


No idea what’s wrong. I’ve flushed and checked ph, can’t pin point a deficiency or toxicity. Kinda looks like the start of nutrient toxicity out though. Kinda seems like it’s light or heat issue too.

3 years ago


deggamer I would say a very light light burn. How far is the plant from the light? And shes looking pretty good other then that


cmarnesen9 Light was about 14” above. I moved it to about 16” above that as far away I can get it. I turned it down a little bit too I was using it at 100%

chris0314 Ur lights are fine if ur running led thats prolly too far... honestly looks like could be an overwaterimg issue... how often do u feed /water and how much

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Day: 44


3 years ago

urboyag Day 44 in veg I hope


cmarnesen9 Day 44 from seed. She’s starting to flower tho

Day: 42

Keeps bushing up 😍

3 years ago


TcF223 Look nice

Day: 38

Added her first bloom nutrients last night and she looks so happy today.

3 years ago

Day: 36

Some more LST. A branch broke off though. I tried some tape on it and we’ll see how she does.

3 years ago


mrsowlie I had that happen a few times-pulled down just a little too much and mine snapped—best fix I found was a bread twist tie—it worked like a tournique and was small enough to leave on through the rest of veg. Healed up super fast


cmarnesen9 I’ll have to remember that next time if happens again! Unfortunately my fix did not work

Day: 34


Started LST

3 years ago