Purps #1

Late summer 2020

Was intending on doing this seed indoors but changed my mind and going to get it out in the greenhouse. Hopefully it’ll have enough time to veg a bit before going into flower in around 6 weeks time I imagine.

Purps #1 (Dinafem)

Day 112 (Week 16)

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Day: 112

Today was the day! She could hardly hold herself up anymore once out of the grow tent! Looking like really good quality smoke 👌

4 years ago

Day: 105


This girls bulking up big time now! About 50% of pistils have browned. Should be on for a big harvest in the next two weeks!

4 years ago

Day: 98

Pistils starting to brown and turn inward. Hoping it’ll mature fast as I’m going away in 3 weeks and will need to chop her before then!

4 years ago

Day: 91

Only going to be able to give this girl another 4 weeks as I’m going away so hopefully she’ll be ready for the chop by then! 🤞

4 years ago

Day: 84


4 years ago

Day: 77

Flowering now and looking good

4 years ago

Day: 70

Doing good

4 years ago

Day: 63

One lower branch showed some sort of infection early in the week which I cut off. Doesn’t seem to have spread. Plants just entering flower now

4 years ago

Day: 56

Looking good. Should start budding soon

4 years ago

Day: 49

Topped and thinned this one earlier to make sure she stays low enough for the new polytunnel. Looking healthy

4 years ago

Day: 42


4 years ago

Day: 41

Bent over today. First pistils just starting to show at the top

4 years ago

Day: 36

Potted up into 20L and put outside now. Looking very healthy!

4 years ago

Day: 28

Nearly ready for her final pot and to go outside

4 years ago

Day: 21

Looking good. Will let this one grow up close to the light before I’ll pot up into 20L and get her outside. Hopefully will get a couple weeks growth in veg outdoors before she starts flowering

4 years ago

Day: 14

All good. Potted up a few days ago to a 2l

4 years ago

Day: 7

Looking good

4 years ago

Day: 0


4 years ago