pink lemonade first grow

2020 fall

Germinated 3 seeds 4 days ago and this one took off, considering replacing the soil with a dwc system

Pink lemonade

Day 96 (Week 14)

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Day: 96


she’s thriving that’s for sure, had issues with the soil I had her in at first but the dwc has been a miracle so far considering she was completely dried out practically dead when I transplanted.

3 years ago

Day: 72

Had a lot of issues with the soil she completely dried out and then I believe I over watered so I just switched over to the dwc, I’m never going back to soil again I have too much luck with dwc. She was basically dead so I transplanted her into a 5 gal with mixed veg nutes very very light since it was her first week in, but now she’s back to being green and hopefully I start seeing some growth on her

3 years ago


mystrain420 Ever try coco coir?

imnewtothis @mystrain420 I never have but I’m open to it, I just really fucked up with the pro mix I was using and I’m honestly a noobie so I’m kinda trying to trial and error almost so far the dwc just been next to no work I check ph ppm daily and it’s super steady and almost self sufficient, I change water every two weeks and maybe a top up after first week but everything’s been so easy


bumper101 Simpler is better in most aspects. Strains are specific to the nutes they need, but emulating Mother Nature with medium is your best bet. Start of with partial feed and increase or decrease as needed. They let you know what they need! Good luck!

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Day: 39


18/6 just been low stress training daily.

3 years ago

Day: 34

18/6 lst basically everyday to keep her low. gave her a feed 1.5l with 100% strength nutes because i figured with this new light she would be thirsty. she’s really reacting well!

3 years ago

Juice6889 Looking good. They are loving the new light

Day: 32

was super skeptical about topping her and doing some low stress training at the same time I didn’t want to stress her out to much, but 2 days later and she’s loving it. Starting to see lower growth aswell finally. Just bought a new light 1200w with veg & bloom switches and I hope she thrives.

3 years ago

Day: 29

idk what day it actually is anymore, tied her down and hopefully I see some growth on her lower half. Any suggestions??

3 years ago

Day: 28

currently day 26 but I messed all my posts up with days. 18/6 80% 1-2-3 part

3 years ago

Juice6889 I think it’s prime for bending over right now. From the time my plants sprouted I was twisting her with my fingers bending her and it really put her into survival mode and she beefed up. You got a fb? I can send you pics of my set up. I have two decent size fans pointed at them and I bend and twist them every day. You plant looks go man. Might be a steady paced grower but that doesn’t matter. Her roots could be growing still.

Juice6889 I’m not sure when I should re pot. At the beginning I was going to use 3 gallons the whole grow but now I’m not to sure. It can stunt the plant. Any thoughts on that subject?side not again. Bend her over and try and stress her out. I think you will see good things.

Juice6889 Also have you checked out the specs for your light? Look it up and see what the PAR output is for the height. Maybe your light is to far away. Mine was at first. Then I looked my specific light up and the max PAR my light puts out is 450at 19”. Which is okay for veg. But I need to be somewhere in 750-950 for flower. I’m thinking if I have the money when it comes time to flower I’m going to buy the new light I want.

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Day: 25


upped her nutes a while ago to 80% and she’s been loving new nodes almost daily, exited for next weeks feeding

3 years ago

Juice6889 Looking good. I started bending mine on day 20. Was nervous to do so early but I’m getting tons of growth and it’s paying off. I split plant 1 on accident where I tipped it last week. I can’t get it to heal. This is my first grow in 10 years. Your plants looking healthy. This app stinks it doesn’t give me notifications when I get comments. I’m on day 27. It’s November 4th.

imnewtothis yeah man I hear that, I don’t know when I get comments😂 at the rate she is going now buddy I think she will be fine I tied mine down today and hopefully she starts working on her lower half

Day: 20

she’s loving the nutrients next feed I’m going 70-80% I had slight issues of leaf burning when she was starting out but now she’s thriving.

3 years ago

Day: 19

gave her 60% strength nutes slowly gonna up it

3 years ago

Day: 16

new modes appearing gonna up her nutes this Sunday!

3 years ago

Juice6889 A Awesome. This is my first grow also. Our plants are exactly the same stage. I’m on day 18. I’m going to follow your grow and see how I compare. I have 2 gmo cookies going

Day: 12

can someone tell me why my she’s burning? I barely put any nutrients in

3 years ago

Day: 10

decided to keep her in soil since she’s been doing well upgraded her pot and gave her light nutrients, added hydroton so hopefully she’s happy.

3 years ago

imnewtothis I need advice on burning

Day: 8


3 years ago

Day: 7

after the replant I gave her some nutrients for the first time, watching more and more nodes appear every day, still considering putting her in a dwc system or keeping her in soil for the rest of her life. Is it too late to get her in some rock wool and a water pressured system with light nutes?

3 years ago

Day: 6

Replanted and gave her some nutrients for the first time, slowly seeing small nodes appear!

3 years ago

Day: 5

considering running a dwc system, any suggestions?

3 years ago