Do si do pheno 1 and 2

Same as my purple queen for environment getting 210 ppfd. Little high but see how she takes it

Do si do

Day 39 (Week 6)



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Day: 39


Doing well

3 days ago

Day: 33


Checked runoff she has plenty of nutes. Just on autopilot for now.

8 days ago

Day: 32


She coming along nicely.

9 days ago

Rastaman 2.0

Rastaman 2.0 Lovely and healthy plant! 💯💪🏽

hightrees Looking good

Day: 25

Well her sister did not survive the move. Did her first LST today and she is taking it well. No signs of flower but I’m watching closely

16 days ago


cookredeyed Sorry her sis didn’t make it! The gal you have looks good though!!

Day: 19

Pheno 1 is in the lead by alot. Prbly will cull #2

22 days ago

Day: 12

Just watered 1. Yesterday and 2 got watered today

a month ago

apexpred I’m atleast seeing some growth on pheno 2 but it’s touch and go so far. I now see why people say chuck and restart an auto if you overwater. But imma grow this one out and compare size to the other pheno. Who knows this one may be a frosty keeper

Day: 10

Pheno 1 is first pic. Pheno 2 has finally showed signs of growing again but at much slower rate then it’s counterpart. Mostly due to my fault with overwatering on day 1.

a month ago

Day: 8

Pheno number 1 is off to the races. And pheno 2 hasn’t grown much in a few days. Any one got any idea why? It was overwatered on day 1 but have got that under control since and she grew for a couple days then stopped. I tried giving it some 75ppm watering today pheno 1 is first pic

a month ago


Drizz I’m guessing pheno 2 maybe expanding its roots also the soil looks drier. A lot of different variables, temp, airflow


Drizz I’m looking forward to the updates 😃👍🔥

apexpred Well I think I found the culprit. Saw a few fungus nats on pheno 2. Prbly from when I overwatered. Hit it with some organic pesticide and dead bug on the soil and going to let them dry out an extra day. Hopefully this solves it

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Day: 6

Watered 250 ml to pheno 2. Pheno 1 is growin well and 2 is catchin up.

a month ago


cookredeyed Looking good so far! I got a little seedling a couple days behind yours!

Day: 5

Phenos 1 and 2. After the slow start pheno 1 has taken a solid lead plus I overwatered a bit on pheno 2 but all is good now so excited to see them grow

a month ago

Day: 4

Pheno 1 is first pic. Pheno 2 got 250 ml of water this morning and pheno 1 got 250 ml last night

a month ago

Rasta Man

Rasta Man How many gallons are your pots?

apexpred 5 my man. Started in final pot

Day: 3

Phenos 1 and 2 looking good

a month ago


rastaAndy Well these 2 can take anything for sure I had 3 I did lst defo and with some good nutrients had some good harvest and the taste is nice 👌🏾

apexpred Watered pheno 1 just recently with like 250 ml gonna water pheno 2 tmrw morning as she just got over a little overwater at first

Day: 1

Pheno 2 all opened up

a month ago

Day: 1

Pheno #1 has sprouted and removed her shell

a month ago

apexpred She has got a L shaped taproot hopefully that straightens out here soon

Day: 0

Pheno #2 is off to the races and sprouted. Started in their final 5 gallon pots. If it looks a little wet this is because I just misted top soil as it’s been 4 days since I watered the pot and top 2 inches were dry. So I just misted the top layer. Pheno 1 is bringing up the rear waiting for her to pop

a month ago