Grey square pot

Unknown Indica

Day 107 (Week 16)

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Day: 107


5 years ago

Day: 99

Water on January 8

5 years ago

Day: 80

Looking good water on dec 20

5 years ago

Day: 68

Water on dec 9

6 years ago

PresaCanario You might have some pest on your plant. Check underside on the fan leaves that are spotted

Day: 57

nov 27 growing good

6 years ago

Day: 54

Growing good

6 years ago

Day: 52

Nov 22 rain

6 years ago

Day: 51

Lookin good

6 years ago

Day: 50

Water plant on Nov 20

6 years ago

Day: 48

Top on the 11th of November

6 years ago

Gooeytarist Do you think this could possibly be Cannabis afghanica? Those are some pretty broad leaves. I don’t know much about all of this as I’m very new to growing, but as soon as I saw your picture it reminded me of a picture I saw in “Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible” on page 13 on the bottom right corner, and it says that C. afghanica has very wide and distinctive leaflets and leaves, and the picture looks similar to yours. I wouldn’t have said anything, but I saw where you wrote “unknown”, so I thought this might help. Whatever it is, it looks awesome. Happy growing, buddy!!