Double Grape x 3 Bear OG Auto

2nd grow

Took forever to germinate. 4 days into the paper towel method and it barely cracked. Decided to throw it into a solo cup filled with 1/3 perlite 2/3 FF Happy Frog. Sitting under a 100W QB in a 2x2 tent next to my gorilla glue auto.

Mephisto Double Grape x 3 Bear OG auto

Day 13 (Week 2)

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Day: 13

Starting 1/4 grow nutes

5 years ago

Day: 12

Cat bite didn’t stop her

5 years ago

Ste My cat done the same to mine 😂😂

Day: 10

Transplanted the other day. Full 24 hours in soil. Doesn’t seem to have affected it at all. Edit: Cat 2 bit half a leaf off during watering. Cat 2 has been demoted from Plant Helper to Bedroom Door Watcher. Cat 1 promoted to Best Helper.

5 years ago

Day: 8

Planning to transplant soon.

5 years ago

Day: 7

Accidentally knocked the cup over during feeding of my gg. A bit of topsoil fell out. She didn’t get her roots exposed and doesn’t seem to have stunted her.

5 years ago

Day: 6

Second set of leaves popped today.

5 years ago

Day: 5

Still chugging along.

5 years ago

Day: 4

Raised her closer to the light to prevent stretching. Seems to have worked.

5 years ago

Day: 3

She seemed to stretch a bit in the last day or so. I moved her closer to the light. Keeping her soil moist with a few drops of water here and there. The fan I bought for my tent is too powerful and causes top soil to dry out quickly.

5 years ago

Day: 1

Popped through the soil after 3 days. Deep green cotyledon leaves.

5 years ago