What’s left behind 2022

Summer 22

Seed popped on 6/1, in 5 gal ffof/ perlite 75/25 mix.

Auto glue dream

Day 177 (Week 26)


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Day: 177

Ended up with 4.5 of nice bud and another oz lower airy bud

2 months ago

Day: 134


Welcome to dream land. Top is blue dream and lower is auto glue dream. Did some trimming before washing (worse part of the grow). Placed in tent in the garage. Temps have been great low 60s, humidity is all over from 50s-70s. Fans in place for good air flow. now the waiting.

4 months ago

Day: 131


Moved to the chopping block, she’s coming down in the morning

4 months ago


ig:@eaegifts Great job, she’s a beautiful pheno


HeritageSecretGarden Looks fantastic


jaydeedenver That is a beautiful color 💜💜💜💜

Day: 120


Some cold nights make some crazy colors hoping it will be last nute feed today 3,1 .25 tsp/gal bb,tb,cc Tie downs all over makes watering more of a pain but definitely worthwhile. Buds finally looking nice

4 months ago


ig:@eaegifts Looking great and that leaf is beautiful


HeritageSecretGarden Those blood red leaves are awesome

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Day: 98

Tiny buds to date last fed nutes 3 days ago

5 months ago

Day: 87


Nute feeding 3-2-1 bb,tb,gb. 1/4 chia tsp/gallon. Took just under 2 gals. Starting to flower

5 months ago

Day: 75

A little thirsty. Nute feeding, fed as a photo 2 bb 1 tb 1 gb 1/4 chia tsp/gallon

6 months ago

Day: 72

This is supposedly auto glue dream. Thinking not an auto . So know idea what I got going on her.

6 months ago