Clone from dispensary

Summer 2023

I am putting her directly onto the balcony


Day 113 (Week 17)


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Day: 113

23 gm. I broke it.

6 months ago

Day: 92


Something spilled on her

7 months ago

Day: 64


Rain damage from Hillary

8 months ago

Day: 57

She’s twisting in preparation for flowers

8 months ago

Day: 40

Looking good recovering and tolerating the LST

9 months ago

Day: 34

She’s slow but not an auto

9 months ago

Day: 30

Responding well to LST

9 months ago

Day: 28

Recovering nicely. Starting to flower

9 months ago

Day: 24

She’s recovering nicely. Tolerating some LST

9 months ago

Day: 10

She’s recovering slowly. Luckily she has until the fall

10 months ago


TrpX Is that just stress from the transplant?


Sinewygbm Yes it is. In for her from a dispensary

Day: 4

Is she shocked or moribund?🙁

10 months ago


BINAII Straight from the dispensary? I’d say shock. Looks like it needs higher humidity and a bottle of water. Looks like the environmental conditions at where it came from to its new home are quite different.


Sinewygbm Yeah you could say that

Day: 0

New arrival

10 months ago