4 Assed Monkey + Seedsman OG Kush

Quarantine Grow

One 4 assed monkey, and one Seedsman OG kush plant grown in 70/30 coco coir and perlite blend. General hydroponics flora nutrient trio. 3 gallon pots. 2’x3’x7’ grow tent. 82° F. 600W Phlizon LED. 20/4 light cycle.

Mephisto + Seedsman Grow

Day 20 (Week 3)

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Day: 20

Plants are looking good. Slight light burn on OG Kush, but other than that they are finally starting to take off.

4 years ago

Day: 3

Baby’s are pooped and starting to perk up.

4 years ago

Autogrower Plants are already showing secondary leaves after popping this morning?? 🤠🤠

Day: 1

Seeds germinated in paper towel with tap water. Placed in ziplock bag, and set in between cardboard on a seedling heating mat.

4 years ago