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3 sprouts JJ started transferred to cell pots in tent.


Day 112 (Week 16)


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Day: 112

Watered only when dry.

a month ago

Day: 71

Transplanted to 10gal. Pot. Water when dry. Added some bat guano (7-3-1)

3 months ago

Jimbo Norman

Jimbo Norman You might be watering too frequently. I’ve had (and am currently having) issues that look similar - lightening of the lower leaves and browning on the tips…all because of too much water too soon. Try waiting until the top leaves look thirsty and start dropping instead of feeling the dirt. The top of the soil can feel dry but the bottom might still be moist enough. The roots might need a bit more time to dry in between waterings.

SerenitySoul671 Thank You I will keep that in mind.

Day: 59

Just water when dry.

3 months ago

Day: 43

Added 1 Tablespoon of bat guano (NPK is 7-3-1), water only when dry, light schedule is 18-6.

4 months ago

Day: 38

Transplanted to a 1 gallon pot Light cycle 18-6 water only when dry.

4 months ago


combatmedic81 Might want to get a plant saucer to catch that h2o that bleeds out.

Day: 28

Checking on her daily water only when dry.

4 months ago

Day: 12

Light schedule 18-6, water when dry.

5 months ago

Day: 1

Removal of humidity dome.

5 months ago

JammieDodger I’d keep it on a bit longer if I were you.

Rastaman 2.0

Rastaman 2.0 That’s to wet and if you remove your dome get your humidity 🆙 I never used dome in all the years I’m growing.let your soil dry a lil and spray the soil with water.

Day: 0

Home made humidity dome.

5 months ago