blue og First grow .

G13 genetics

Random blue dream i got as a freebie , zapped 2 different seedlings before this one when my tent spiked in temp while i was gone , have managed to regulate the temp and keep it between 75-85 (Atmospheric) And the substrate temp almost always 74-77 , seems to be off to a great start , germinated for 2 days and i came to a broken husk and a pod that opened up to be cotylendons .

blueberry og x blue moonshine x hindu kush

Day 80 (Week 12)

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Day: 80

End of week 2 of flower

5 years ago

Day: 76

Day 11 of flower , look at those pistils 😤

5 years ago

Day: 74

First week of flower coming to a finish and we are on track , low, slow and 💪🏾

5 years ago

Day: 70

Her stronger node is putting out pistils two days after the 12/12 flip . Some of the aux nodes on it could be mains of their own 😰

5 years ago

Day: 68


Only doing back to back updates since the plant is growing quick , here are some pre and post supercropping

5 years ago

Day: 67

Been two ( maybe three ) days since the last post and the 12/12 flip , I have since let her go off the ties and cut back the nitrogen drastically . Bloom nutrients started at 2 teaspoons per gallon . She has started to fill in her gaps as expected , tons of flowering surface scrog is being made , can’t wait 😊

5 years ago

Day: 65

How she looked on 12 /12 flip day a day ago .

5 years ago

GnarFarmr Spent some time in stunted growth and some Of the nodes grew unevenly , but it could’ve been worse , altogether I’m satisfied with her performance so far Now that veg is over , onto better things .


Greenhouseguy95 You should have tossed it bro. Your gonna yield a o at best. I don’t mean to be a dick. But you seem to be acting like you know everything in your updates. You should have realized this. You would have had a plant that’s much further along had you restarted and took your time. Anyway. Just one mans opinion lol happy growing bud


Greenhouseguy95 I realize it’s your first grow to. But shit. Lol terrible looking plant for portraying yourself as an expert in your updates lol do some research man

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Day: 45

Hey guys been forgetting to update , still here in veg since my topping ( as well as the temperature induced self topping ) takes one week off development per topping . Her undercarriage has very little light and the top grew out of control so I tied the stronger one down and I’m giving the undercarriage the spotlight , been working great the smaller nodes are catching up , for about a week or two before the flip .

5 years ago

Day: 28

As expected ,she bounced back with vigor , 3/4 strength nutes did their danm thing . Shown In the second picture is the growth that took place she lost her first set of real leaves . Pretty interesting .

5 years ago

Day: 23

Shit been a while , forgot my credentials and this girl was a bit stunted so there wasn’t much to show , the two tops from before came in and thrived in a (now) temp steady tent . BUT SHEEEEESSS BACCKKKKKKKK Uploading this while at work for those who didn’t believe in her lol I didn’t give her her first round of nutrients until way after the 20th day because i figured the temperature damage stunted root growth , so I pretended those days never happened and resumed with her schedule when she showed first deficiency striation. Since her limbs are still too short to open up with wire , I tied her down to let the twerpy bottom growth get some light and hopefully stretch ( scrog concept ) for a more even looking plant from veg stage .

5 years ago

Day: 18

Due to some uninsulated pipes the heat spiked to 85-90 and after the relocation dropped to lower than 60 effectively heat stressing and cold burning the plant , her tent sister died but we are back on track , it has been 4 days of steady room/ temp . On a side note , the day after I corrected the temperature , I also topped the plant and the results seem to be coming in , never too young for some training :) I noticed some a weird growth starting above the growth that was damaged by temps not sure if the plant is growing new tops due to losing the old ones or this is regular development , more to see .

5 years ago

genghis_quan The fact it is still alive amazes me lmfao

Voduh Something (not heat stress) seems very wrong. 85 not that high. 65 not that low...

GnarFarmr It was def temperature stress , all of this happened before it was even taking nutrients , like the dude above said in surprised it even made it through, i wasn’t aware of how funky the temp ranges were in that room .

Day: 12

Used some bonsai shears to top her last night , not entirely sure wether the node developed enough for a total removal , but I guess time will tell :/

5 years ago

Kballum Topping already, That’s ballsy man . I’m curious to see if this works / how much it slows down the growth. Either way buddy keep it up 👌

GnarFarmr The topping slows growing by a week every time you do , but in return you get more tops , it sprung back just fine

Day: 11

Moving along , new growth is still being green , though you can see the heat stress it has suffered in the past throughout some of the old growth

5 years ago

Day: 9

Not sure if the amount of growth justifies the snip, , but she’s growing along just fine so we can say it didn’t affect her negatively . She seems to be finishing up on these leaves , lest see if she’ll stack or continue to stretch as she did the first few .

5 years ago

Day: 8

Waited to see if the yellowing in the leaf was a deficiency or heat stress , new growth still looks vivid green .

5 years ago

GnarFarmr In an effort to experiment ; I snipped off the ends of the cotylendons , following a 30% pruning at a time , bonsai rule that I vaguely remember ( might be making it up lol) , anyway the goal is to promote new growth by removing parts of the plant that cannot “see “ the light . Single the fan leafs have begun to grow they have become rather useless .

genghis_quan Yellowing could be due to soil having high ppm (fox farms can run hot if yoy use that), light burn (what is was for me, I have my LED 28 inches above my plants), or another nutrient issue

Day: 5

Late update , here she was on day 5 , she stretched a little the first few days so I subdued her a little , heat stress suffered on day 4 shows on the fan leaves , but the new growth is lush and green , hoping to not run into any more temperature related problems since my last fix , 🤞🏽 🤞🏽, day 7/8 updates coming later .

5 years ago

Day: 3

Heat spike in the tent reflected on the seedling but everything is still ok , what doesn’t kill him will make him stronger 😂

5 years ago

Day: 2

About to complete day 2 since she landed in the coco .

5 years ago