First grow (Blue dream)

First grow

Starting my first grow

Blue dream

Day 28 (Week 4)

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Day: 28

I can’t tell if I have a male or female. Can someone tell me what it looks like

2 years ago


hem-p Hello, I believe it’s a male due to the 2 lower sacks. I would remove it from the tent immediately


R-Kana-Biz Ya that’s a male to me too

peelterz420 100% male

Day: 27

How long until flowering starts

2 years ago


GorillaGrower Nice plant! Autoflowering usually takes between at 1-2 months to flowering.

Day: 25

I don’t have pollen sacs but I have little strings at the nodes. Did I get a female plant

2 years ago


newbiePA Looks female to me


Mr_KaLi Yeah to me too (Female)


mystrain420 That looks like a pollen sac. You should take a picture in natural light. I’ve read that the pistils typically cross in females also and the 2 on the lower node are not

Day: 21

Transplanted into a 5 gallon bucket

2 years ago

Day: 19

Should I transplant soon

2 years ago

bgeezy I would wait for it to grow at least 1 more set of nodes then definitely transplant

Day: 15

How to I tell if I got a female or male plant

2 years ago


bradtc It’s too early to tell

Day: 13

More leaves started growing. Moving to a new pot in about a week or 2

2 years ago

Day: 7

3rd set of leaves growing

2 years ago

Day: 5

Seed casing is finally off. I added a pencil to support the plant

2 years ago


mystrain420 You need to move the light closer probably or get a stronger light. They aren’t supposed to grow this way, it’s stretching for lack of light. Good luck 👍🏾😊

Day: 4

Doubled in size since last time I checked on it

2 years ago


CraigBengfort I would try to help the seed casing off and maybe move the light closer if it’s far away that’s way too tall


NovaCanee How Often Do You Water Them In That Stage ?


CraigBengfort Usually daily as the medium dries

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Day: 2

2nd day after planting

2 years ago