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Day 60 (Week 9)



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Day: 60


Plant was given 2litres of feed water. Buds are now fattening up.

17 hours ago

Day: 58


Plant given 2 litres of feed water as per schedule.

3 days ago

Day: 55


Plant was fed with 2ltrs of feed water.

6 days ago

Day: 53


Plants was given 2 litres of feed water. Rust spots were showing and will give a feed if calmag tomorrow.

7 days ago

Day: 49


Plant was given fed as per the feeding schedule. Plant is flowering and has lots of foliage however will not defoliate to leave plant focusing on producing buds at this stage.

11 days ago

Day: 46


Plant given 2 ltr of feed water as well being well into flower now. Plant is overall very healthy and trichome production is steadily increasing.

14 days ago

Day: 45


Plant being watered with 2litre of feed water every other day as soil dries up in that timeframe. Plant now being left alone to flower with interventions as limited as possible.

16 days ago

Day: 43


Plant was fed 2 litre water solution. Plant is looking healthy. Trichome production near bud sites is also underway.

18 days ago

Day: 40


Plants were fed with 2 litres water solution and Big Bud now added. Plant is now flowering and a smell can be noticed. Looking healthy.

20 days ago

Day: 38


Plant was fed with 1.5 ltr feed water. Looking at steady growth into flower.

23 days ago

Day: 34

Plant was given 1.5 litres of feeding water. Weather was a bit windy today.

a month ago

Day: 32

Plant is vegging nicely and showing more signs of pre flower. Plant was given 900ml of feed water.

a month ago

Day: 31

Plant is now 40cm in height. One leaf has a lot of bronzing on the edges and am unsure of what the cause could be and if I should cut off the leaf. Apart from that plant looks overall healthy.

a month ago


combatmedic81 I would cut the leaf and see if it continues

Gianni Would you recommend cutting from stem or just affected leaf?

Day: 30

Plant was fed with 1.2litres of solution bloom and bud candy. Plant was misted with neem oil solution. The pre-flowering stage has been reached.

a month ago

Cameron1989 Gonna be a fat blunt Fosho ✌️

Day: 29

Nothing to report really. Soil was still moist and was not watered. Will feed plant tomorrow. 2 pairs of leaf showing some degradation and will monitor if this increases.

a month ago

Day: 28

Plant looking healthy. Soil was still moist and will most probably feed tomorrow.

a month ago

Day: 27

Plant was given 1 litre of water. Direct Sunlight is still between 8-9 hours everyday although today was a bit overcast. Neem oil spray was applied for pest prevention.

a month ago

Day: 26

Nothing extra to report today. Plant is growing well , soil is still moist. Leaves were sprayed with a little B-52 solution.

a month ago

Day: 25

Plant looking healthy in general and is well in veg stage. Plant given 1 litre of water as soil was drying up.

a month ago

Day: 24

Plant looking healthy. Was not watered as soil was still moist. A foliar spray was applied with 0.5 ml of B-52 solution mixed with 1 litre of water. Plant is getting about 8/9 hours of direct sunlight.

a month ago

Day: 23

Plant was given 1 ltr of water in the morning. Windbreaker assisted with high winds and is looking for healthy growth.

a month ago

Day: 22

Plants was not given any water as soil is still damp with finger test. High winds are still persisting. Plant is having stem bended with wind and a windbreaker was constructed to be used if wind speed stays the same.

a month ago

Day: 21

Plant was given 500ml of water. Was found slightly bended at the end of the day due to windy conditions which might persist until tomorrow.

a month ago

Day: 20

Plant was given 500 ml of water. The day was extremely windy today and soil was drying up quickly at least giving good airflow to the soil.

a month ago

Day: 19

Plant was given plenty of water approx 750ml with high temperatures persisting sometimes even exceeding 40^C. One leaf showed some browning on edge and I do not know if this is due to heat stress due to very limit shade available.

a month ago

MrGreenThumbs You are overthinking the brown part for now. Will go away. But 40 degrees C is not acceptable! They will die.

Gianni Thanks bro! It was a heat wave for a couple of days with temps now back down to 30-32 degrees C range

Day: 18

Plant was given another 500ml of water solution as was almost completely dry this morning. Today was a very hot day reaching up to 40*C.

a month ago

Day: 17

Plant is looking healthy and is increasing the nodes daily. Plant was given 500ml of water.

a month ago

Day: 16

Plant looking healthy and a plastic bottle was installed to keep RH high, humidity today was about 78% which is pretty high.

a month ago

Day: 15

Plant is growing well and was found slightly bended towards the sun down but has straightened out. Water increased since soil is drying up very quickly due to heat.

a month ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Very nice 👍

Gianni Thankyou bud !

Day: 14

Plant is looking healthy and was given a good watering to dampen the soil. Plant is now being left outside all day getting 7-9 hours of direct sunlight on a roof setting.

a month ago

Day: 13

Plant is growing well. Given 150 ml of solution mixed with Voodoo Juice, B52 and Bud Candy.

2 months ago

Day: 12

Plant was not watered today as there was light rain showers and plant was left out all day.

2 months ago

Day: 11

Plant was left outside all day in a very cloudy day. There was some light rain showers but plants were sheltered. Plant was given 50ml of the Bud Candy , B52 and voodoo juice solution as seems to have liked it.

2 months ago

Day: 10

Plant was left all day outside since it was an overcast day with 4/5 hours of direct sunlight. Plant was given 100ml of a mixed solution containing Bud Candy, b52 and voodoo juice at 10% of recommended dose. Seedling looking healthy.

2 months ago

Day: 9

Plant increasing in size and looks very healthy. Was given 3 hours of direct sunlight and will be increasing by 1 hour everyday. Soil was watered with 150ml after sun exposure as was drying up.

2 months ago

Day: 8

Plant was given 2 hours of direct sunlight increasing by 30 mins each day. Soil very moist. Stem and leaves increasing in size.

2 months ago

Day: 7

Plant was today given 1.5 hours of sunlight. Seedling is sprouting nicely. No additional water was given.

2 months ago

Day: 6

Plant has just opened the first pair of leaves while getting 1 hour of sunlight. Plant has enough water and was misted slightly.

2 months ago

Day: 5

Soil was well misted with a spray bottle as soil was almost completely dry after a very hot day. Was exposed to 30 mins of direct outdoor sunlight, seedling is now showing a bit out of soil

2 months ago

Day: 4

Soil was misted again as was drying out. Seedling still not yet visible and has not pushed out of the soil.

2 months ago

Day: 3

Pot prepared at 10 am. Soil was well misted for organism life to flourish before inserting precious seedling.

2 months ago

Day: 3

Seed planted in damp soil. Taproot now clearly visible and healthy and potted root down successfully. Pot kept indoors as sky is showing a high likelihood chance of a rain shower.

2 months ago

Day: 2

48 hours since start of germination. Seed opening up a bit however tap root still has not come out.

2 months ago

Day: 1

Moved to paper towel after 24 hours. Seed not yet cracked and taproot not visible.

2 months ago

Day: 0

Germination started at 18:00

2 months ago