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We’ll see how these girls do

Indica Hybrid

Day 123 (Week 18)

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Day: 123

Chopped these 2 down. Pulled 4.3 oz of flower (not including shake, trim)

2 years ago

stick e fingerz

stick e fingerz Congrats 🎊🎈🍾🎉

Day: 103

Week 7

2 years ago

Day: 81


Took these a few day, letting them grow as is cuz I’ve been hella busy but they’re looking nice

3 years ago

Day: 68

Haven’t done much with these just letting them grow pretty naturally. A little defoliating done today gonna let me grow and see what haooend

3 years ago

Day: 51

Moving these girls over to 12-12 flipping

3 years ago

Day: 42

Gonna give em another week or 2 in Veg then flip

3 years ago

Day: 35

Looking muuuch happier

3 years ago

Day: 28

Moved to 3gal squat pots. Not looking to great, been looking really wonky past week or so. Thought I overwatered, believe I actually UNDER watered.. learning

3 years ago

Bangin N Sangin

Bangin N Sangin Add some CAL/MAG to your nutrients. Otherwise they could use a good feeding and I’d honestly let them rest after about 24hrs post feed.

Day: 10


3 years ago

Day: 6

So far so good (:

3 years ago

Day: 2

Just sprouted yesterday, normally I use SOLO cups but figured id skip the extra (IMO unnecessary transplant) started from 1 gal pots

3 years ago