Mandarin Cookies x Blueberry Cookies

Winter ‘21/‘22

Cracked two seeds for the next run. Coco, drip, drain to waste, General Hydro Flora, Botanicare Calmag & Hydroguard. HLG 350R

Ethos Mandarin Cookies x Blueberry Cookies

Day 48 (Week 7)

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Day: 48

First sign of flower on the runt. I’m a little suspicious it may be a genetic herm. No vigor either. Super sensitive to ph compared with my Lilac Diesel Ethos run. Going to keep hunting but these first two seem like duds so far…

10 months ago

Day: 42


First day of flower for the taller one.

10 months ago

CellularAtomaton No they are fems

CellularAtomaton They were flipped a couple weeks ago

Day: 37

These two are still scrambling along

10 months ago

Day: 28

Decided to let these both run. No topping, straight into the flower tent with you both.

a year ago

Day: 14

Stayed in the rapid rooters too long and got a little stressed out. Neither of these were real winners so far. Trying to decide if I want to let them go or pop some new beans once tent #4 goes up. I really don’t have room for these guys given how the Lilac Diesel phenos have turned out so far… decisions!

a year ago

Day: 8

If you could only keep 1?

a year ago


tae_94 One on the right looks like it’s gonna grow tall n lanky the one the left looks like it’ll grow short and squad like

Day: 7

Time to repot and get in fertigation

a year ago

Day: 6

Ready to repot

a year ago

Day: 6

Just getting started

a year ago

Day: 2

RH ~70. Temp 78. Removed heating pad. Off to the races.

a year ago

Day: 0

Both seeds jumped out of their shells and into the rapid rooters. Quarter strength veg solution from day 0.

a year ago