Blue Cheese

Winter 2021

One blue cheese feminized grown in coco mix

Blue cheese fem from JAH

Day 100 (Week 15)

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Day: 100


Thought I’d update this with the final pics from the last week of the grow. Final weigh-in was about 300g (10.7oz)

2 years ago


redman7176 🤘🏼🤘🏼


heizenberg Wow 🤩


Caliban Awesome buds!!

Day: 93

F42 - Quickly fading

2 years ago

lala7mac Cheers. Painfully waiting another week until chop since new pistils keep popping up. Figure it’s got a bit more time to bulk up.

lala7mac Thanks, I will try that. I’ve been reducing water intake already, but maybe I’ll stop now since I plant to chop in a week. I’m also thinking of reducing the light schedule by an hour or so because I heard that can speed things up. Have you ever tried that?

Day: 91

F40 - Purple hues coming in. Adding some molasses to the water for the next week just to see if that does anything. Why not. Otherwise, no nutrients. Reducing water intake and humidity to see if that stimulates extra trichome production.

2 years ago

Day: 83


F-30-32: Just 40 days since flipping to 12/12 schedule and she is already looking close to finished. Most trichomes are milky with a few turning amber already. Probably needs 2 more weeks until I get the amount of amber that I want, but this plant has matured surprisingly quickly.

2 years ago

lala7mac Found a singular banana on the main cola (the close-up in photo 2) and picked it off. Inspected the rest of the colas and wasn’t able to find any. Possibly just because it’s getting close to the end or due to heat, but the tent has rarely gone above 80F for any sustained period so I doubt it was stress induced. Side note: wow that is a dense cola


mystrain420 Dense af 👍🏾

Day: 79


F36 - Coming along nicely. Only 3 weeks left until harvest because it’s progressing quickly. Don’t think I’ll give it any more feedings aside from the calmag.

2 years ago

lala7mac Correction- F26

lala7mac Cheers

Day: 72

F19 - Fed 4:1 tbsp Gaia Green bloom, all purpose. Adding calmag to the water because I had issue with that last time. I’ll continue with that for the next 3 weeks. Starting to smell a bit. Humidity around 65% and will slowly drop to 50% over the next couple of weeks. No bug problems this grow, not even gnats.

2 years ago


Caliban Looks flawless!!

BigPurp Looks perfect. Well done


Greenstalk Awesome!

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Day: 64

Defoliated a bit more. First time with this stain, but I expected it to stretch a bit more. I think it’s done growing now at about 20” so didn’t quite double in height. Next time, I’ll let it veg until 13” so that it gets to my max height for the tent.

2 years ago

lala7mac Thanks. I’ve never grown a stain that was this indica-dominant so I didn’t want to take too much off. I know it should be bushier than what I’ve grown in the past. I probably could have done more though

Day: 54

Just an update. Coming along and started flower officially

2 years ago


Greenstalk Gorgeous ~

bgeezy Try some defoliation of in needed fan leaves especially ones covering bud sites


adamsgrow Looks amazing, I’d say just some defoliation of the big fan leafs to open her up to give bud sites more space and light to grow big.

Day: 43

Switched to 12/12 last night.

2 years ago


Doobie123 If I was growing this plant, I would defoliate the lower canopy a little bit to improve airflow for flower. Once you flip the lights the plant is gonna get super tall to trimming those extra fan leaves might be helpful. Entirely optional though and personal preference

lala7mac I defoliate only to remove leaves blocking bud sites. I may do more later on but I want it to stretch some more since this plant turned out to be very short and dense.

Day: 36

One day after supercropping

2 years ago

cranky_vet I’m also growing this strain, but outdoors.

Day: 35


Canopy is very thick. Took a few leaves out from underneath that were not seeing any light. Will wait to defoliate anything major until I see how the newer shoots develop.

2 years ago


NDelementos What training methods are you using?

lala7mac I’m topping, fimming, and super-cropping. Check out the photo I just added to this post to see it after I super-cropped everything because it was getting pretty crowded. I also use the Velcro straps to LST the branches outward in addition to the super cropping.

Day: 31

Added some Gaia green

2 years ago

Day: 28

Super cropped and fimmed.

2 years ago

Day: 26

Accidentally broke off one of the branches in training, so just bent over the main branch to take its place. No big deal

2 years ago

Day: 24

Severed main branch below top node and trained the rest down

2 years ago

Day: 22

Moved to 5 gal a few days ago

2 years ago

lala7mac Node spacing is too tight to start

lala7mac Fimmed once a week ago. Didn’t seem to work as well as in the past, but haven’t run this strain before.

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Day: 14

Fimmed top above 3rd node

2 years ago

Day: 11

A bit of hot soil possibly, but seems to be getting past it now. Humidifier on at around 65%. Will fim in a couple days

2 years ago

Day: 4

Keeping under dome until 3rd node appears

2 years ago