Northern lights autoflower


2 auto northern lights auto flowers from Vancouver seed bank in coco 3 gallon fabric pots. First coco grow


Day 95 (Week 14)

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Day: 95

Harvested today about 3oz I’m guessing dry

3 years ago

Day: 62

Day 62 maybe 3-4 weeks more...?

3 years ago

Day: 58

Day 58 looking nice

3 years ago

Greenthumb93 Looking good

Carlthomason Looking good

Day: 49


3 years ago

Day: 46


3 years ago

Day: 46

One is a chunker

3 years ago

Day: 43

Update photo. Way more bud sites on topped plant

3 years ago

Day: 42

Fixed fan that slipped and was blasting plant tops. Looks much happier

3 years ago

Day: 41

2 northern lights autos

3 years ago

TheWolf Can you let me know the yield when you harvest? I’m growing Critical and Amnesia Haze photo period and was wondering what the difference would be.

Prairiejane Sounds good I’ll let you know. These are for sure very quickly growing. I’m watering almost every day. The plant on the left I topped and the right one is LST. I’m seeing which one does best. By the looks of it topping knocked it about a week behind in growth compared to the right.