Athena #4


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Mimosa Cake Hybrid

Day 88 (Week 13)


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Day: 88

I messed up and killed her. Sad but true.

a month ago

Day: 55

She’s doing ok. I’m not going to transplant her or anything. I know she is stunted. And I know the pot is not doing anything really to help. What ever I get is just what it is. My other 3 auto’s I’m doing correctly. Anyways, 3/4 gallon of full nutes. 13ml/1gal. 3ml of calmag. 1tspn/1gal water. Lights at 100%.

2 months ago

Day: 51

I doubt anything is going to really come of her. I stunted the hell out of her. I’m seeing what is going to come from her. But it’s ok. All learning process. Fed 3/4 gallon ph’d at 6.5. Nutes at 12ml/gal. Also included molasses in her food as well. 1 tablespoon per gallon

2 months ago

Rastaman 2.0

Rastaman 2.0 I have a bro that have same strain going on 1 Pringles and 1 3 gallon they get huge!!! How big is your pot and what are you feeding and how much?

Rastaman 2.0

Rastaman 2.0 I just saw it on this post and others I think I know 🤏🏾 what is going on and all this is for you to kill all your grows from now on.aitoflowers dont like moist soil and that 1/3 gallon 💦 is what is slowing your work down.when they are seedlings they need just 100 ml let soil dry between watering when she is 2 weeks old you give her 250 ml on edge never on stel first weeks. By week 4 go up with water measure but let soil dry between watering stil when you are 4 almost 5 weeks is 1 liter the soil I never go above that in late flower if you need to water them every 24 hours 1 liter still don’t let it 48 hours I give my 3 gallons 1 liter each every time every 48 hours and ph you’re water 6.30 -6.50 between those numbers no less or more and last but least try not to stress them a lot .


Carbon_Cyphur Thanks Rasta. This girl is almost 2 months old. I’m pretty positive that I screwed her up. But that’s ok. And if I didn’t even better. I do agree with you that that pot is a crappy pot. I have switched all my new auto’s to 5 gallon fabric pots. We shall see what happens.

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Day: 45


She is looking good. I’m pretty sure I stunted her. But still learning so no biggy. I need to do some lst to her. I will do that at next watering. Watered a full gallon of nutes ph’d at 6.3. Food was 10ml per gallon.

3 months ago

Day: 39

So she is now flowering. Started last night I believe. I did some trimming on her to hopefully get more of her to breathe. Fed 3/4 gallon with 10ml/gallon of nutes. Not sure if you should trim some on an auto, but I did. So we shall see how she holds up. It’s all trial and error right now anyways. Moved her over to the flower side of my grow tent. Only time will tell.

3 months ago

Day: 34

She isn’t looking too good today. I’m pretty sure she is having a lack of nitrogen problem. So I added some soil that should help bring that back up. Calm down on the nutes. Only getting 10ml now per gallon instead of 14. Hoping to see some good changes. She is still morning forward though.

3 months ago

Day: 26

She is coming along nicely. Getting into our 4th week so hoping to see some big changes in the coming weeks. Watered at ph 6.4. 6 cups water with appropriate proportion of nutes to amount of water was used. Temp is around 85. Humidity is a bit low. New humidifier coming tomorrow.

3 months ago

Day: 20

I watered yesterday and forgot to post it. Athena is doing very well. She was fed full newts at 7 mL per gallon with 5 cups that I actually fed her. 

3 months ago

Day: 14

She is doing really good. Watered with 4 cups ph’d at 6.3. No nutes yet. Should be adding low dose of nutes in next watering.

4 months ago

Day: 10

She is starting to grow up very nicely now. Excited for the next few weeks to see what she will look like. Fed strictly no-nutes water ph’d to 6.4. (3 cups)

4 months ago

Day: 7

She is coming along very nicely. Fed her with 3 cups of water. Ph’d at 6.5. No nutes yet. Will start nutes in her week 2 or 3.

4 months ago

Day: 4

Have her the first real feeding. 2 cups ph’d water with chlorine and other chemicals taken out. Stayed a couple inches away from the plant to further root growth.

4 months ago

Day: 3

Just sprouted. Lightly watering. No nutes or anything at all yet. Water PHed to 6.3. Water has been cleaned of pollutants including chlorine.

4 months ago