Cannalope Haze Bag seed experiment

Winter 2023

Had an oz with lots of seeds figured I’d plant one. In a medium sized terracotta pot, 2 x 2 tent with SF1000d light. Foxfarm ocean floor soil, not monitoring PH, using general nutrite fertilizer I use with my Tomatoes every 3 or so waterings

Cannalope Haze

Day 58 (Week 9)


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Day: 58


defoliated big leaves and removed small nodes, switching to 12:12 ! Night 0

2 days ago

Day: 53

Starting flowering as soon as i figure out best situation… Defoliated and nudged it beside my wedding cake so it won’t interfere with it seeing as its a smaller pot. If it starts to impede i will remove it, WC is priority. Can’t start the flowering in my other propagation area.

7 days ago

Day: 52

Watered yesterday

7 days ago

Day: 45

Spreading out some stems

14 days ago

Day: 43

Watering with nutrients

17 days ago

Day: 40


20 days ago

Day: 39


21 days ago

Day: 38

Day after being tied down,

22 days ago

Day: 37

Tied down all the tallest leaders and spread em out. Probably last time I will tie this one down, obvious issue with terracotta solved with little clips and some string. This plant i didn’t intend to Top but i damaged it by accident last week so it became a topped plant, has nicely responded.

23 days ago

Day: 34


23 days ago

Day: 26

Hanging with other plants, started lst on the leader. First to the side, and second bringing it around the rim here.

23 days ago

Day: 20

Pre lst

23 days ago