Orion F-1 Autoflower

2nd crop

First autoflower grow. Started germination

Orion F-1 Hybrid

Day 108 (Week 16)


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Day: 108

Total 34g, very nice bud

a year ago


HokieHigh2011 Bud looks very nice! Just finished an Apollo f1

Day: 93

Chop day. She took 2 weeks longer than expected

a year ago


zer0ping I am growing F1 Orion (freebie in an RQS pack for their rewards tier thing). Did you have any nute issues, burning etc like in my grow? Just curious.

Day: 67

Buds are fattening up nicely but I don’t think I’m going to get a lot of yield

a year ago

Day: 49

She’s 3’ tall, really stretched, can’t wait till she fills out

a year ago

Day: 36

She’s really fun to watch, growing like a weed !! I think I’ll keep one or two autos growing all the time, she’s at about the same stage of life as crop 1

a year ago


Drizz She’s looking healthy and tall good job🔥💪


gypsygrowgoddess Wow!! That’s incredible, I can’t believe how different, ours look, from each other… Mine is so tiny, and bushy…. Looks like a healthy beautiful plant ! I look forward to seeing how she turns out! 🪴 🌱


gypsygrowgoddess I can’t believe our plants, are only 6 days apart. I started mine on 4/10/23 and you started 6 days before me. I can’t wait to try them! 🔥

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Day: 30

Wow…..she’s growing like a weed !!!

a year ago

Day: 24

Transplant day, she’s growing fast

a year ago

Day: 21

Growing like a weed !

a year ago

fredderic it grows so fast on you

Day: 13

First water with nutes, she’s the fastest grower of the 3 plants

a year ago


gypsygrowgoddess Mine looked way different early on… Yours is like a completely different plant… I wonder why, two same seeds, could grow such different statue plants. I should post a pic of mine early on, so you can see the trifecta star shape.

Day: 5

Hello little girl !!

a year ago