Purple bud auto #3

Sensi seeds

My third one hope she’s as big purple bud auto #2

Purple bud auto

Day 103 (Week 15)

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Day: 103

Had to move my grow so chopped this plant down before the move as was just about ready, not much but considering I was away for two weeks at a time and she had little water I’ve done ok. Got just over an ounce off her

5 years ago

Day: 74

Plant is 28 inches tall, had to leave gain for ten days without water but with lights on a timer she lost a few leaves but seems ok otherwise

5 years ago

Day: 59

25inches tall, switching lights to bloom setting now and putting on a 12/12 light schedule not ideal for auto grows buts she’s in with photos so has to be on their schedule so will see how it goes. Having to move away soon and don’t know if I can take her with me. Been away for ten days because of these personal circumstances gave her loads of water before I left and set the lights on a timer and she seems to have done ok.

5 years ago

Day: 39

13 inches tall, on 18/6 light schedule. Starting to show pistils

5 years ago

Day: 36

Doing well I think

5 years ago

Day: 32

Looking very well will auto go into flower any day now

5 years ago

Day: 27

6 inches tall looking good, potted in final pot

5 years ago

Day: 21

Will pot up now

5 years ago


Ducatiboy Let me know how that goes! Transplanting is finicky with autos

Loopylu Went well, I put her in final pot now so won’t have to do it again. She’s smaller than my last purple bud auto, I think only having a 450w led is probably affecting things with only so much space new plants have been in the corner, but going to harvest three plants by the end of the week and then this one can have centre stage until my photos have vegged enough

Day: 11

Couple of inches tall, rooting well will repot soon as I have room

5 years ago

Day: 8

Slow start but healthy enough

5 years ago

ClandestineWestOz It’s growing, I can’t even get my Auto seeds to pop lol I’ll stick to photoperiod plants from now on.

Loopylu It’s probably the seed bank you get them from. I’m trying some photos for the first time soon x

Day: 7

It’s a start, steady away. In bio bizz soil, think I was better when I used rooting spongers so I will stick with them in future.

5 years ago

Day: 5

Repotted today

5 years ago

Day: 3

Think I’m gonna repot this one

5 years ago

Cov-Cali Why don’t you put seed str8 into big pot instead off transferring?

Day: 1

Little one here germinated in no time

5 years ago