Alien OG

1st grow

2 alien OG Plants grown in a closet. 1000 watt Giixer Led grow light. Soil coco loco

πŸ‘½ Alien OG πŸ‘½

Day 136 (Week 20)

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Day: 136

Bout to harvest

4 years ago

Day: 126

Almost harvest time

4 years ago

Day: 69

3 foot tall and about 2 foot on the smaller. 18 on veg 5 off. Switching lites to bloom tomorrow

4 years ago

Day: 37

Moved plants closer to the light and it’s really helped. Still on 18 hours of light per day

4 years ago

JuniorsOrganics Impressive size for day 37

Day: 23

Plant is about 6 inches tall. Lights on veg. 18 on 4 off per day

4 years ago


Mystrain420 U need a stronger light or move the light closer, just make sure it can burn them. Also u need to repot them deeper so only 1 inch of the stem is showing

Bkrause125 Appreciate the advise man! I did it and uploading new pics now! Boomin!

Day: 11

3 inches. 18 hours light

4 years ago

Jhull2134 I have been looking for this strain for a long time

BezBudz This is some great smoke


Jnacci β™₯️

Day: 4

Plant is 2 inches tall. 12+ hours under light daily.

4 years ago

Day: 1

Planted germinated seeds after 2 days in a wet paper towel.

4 years ago