Orange cookies / Blue Dream x Haze

Fall 2020

3 orange cookies bag seed. 4 draze from Boston baked beans

Orange cookies & blue dream x haze

Day 86 (Week 13)

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Day: 86

Filling out the 5x5 nicely. Been a struggle to keep the humidity right, but just about ready to flip to flower

3 years ago

Day: 63

Plants much happier now. Been dialing the VPD. previously too much dry air getting in. Sealed up tent and made a huge difference.

4 years ago

Day: 46

All OC are in five gallon and will remain there til harvest. Some of the BDxHaze are starting to show roots through bottom of the 1-1.5 gallons, will get a transplant into five gal with a dip into great white and azos. All starting to bush out pretty well. Fimmed most of them to stop or slow down the main shoot to stop extending so far.

4 years ago

Day: 46


4 years ago

Day: 43

Had some issues early with low temps and overwatering. Plants bounced back and are growing rapidly now. LSTed most of them, fimmed a couple. Most are showing female preflowers. Introduced some additional microbial life and have been feeding with compost teas.

4 years ago

Day: 9

Orange cookies started a days ahead of BDH. Vegging in closet under spectrumking while GG finishes up

4 years ago