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Girl Scout Monkey


Mephisto genetics


Day 61 (Week 9)



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Day: 61


Week 9 Nutes: Big Bloom 1Tbl, Tiger Bloom 2t

13 hours ago

Day: 60


RO water 1g ph 5.9

2 days ago

Day: 55


Week 8 Nutes: 1 Tbl Big Bloom, 2t Tiger Bloom, 2t Grow Big. 1 Gallon

7 days ago

Day: 52


1g RO water PH 6.0

9 days ago

Xander Kaliyuga

Xander Kaliyuga Hey.. can you exactly explain this process to me..? You can check my feed and all, I’m on my first grow, but with a fair amount of knowledge as well. I just don’t understand how to get a sick grow and big yield like this is on pot..

Xander Kaliyuga

Xander Kaliyuga By the way, they’re beautiful little monkeys 🙉🍃

Midwest Cannabis Co

Midwest Cannabis Co You got it bro! My schedule is feed and water every 3 days 1 gallon. About to up to every other day! So I’ll feed with my nutes in my water then next time it’s straight water then next time would be my nutrients mixed up again. Ph to 5.8-5.9 for Veg and 6.1 for Flower is what I do. For these girls I just ran the fox farm trio! Hope this helps!

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Day: 49


Week 7 Nutes: 1 Tbl Big Bloom, 2t Tiger Bloom, 2t Grow Big. 1 Gallon

13 days ago


NativeFlower➕ 🚀😤🦍

Day: 46


1G RO water

16 days ago

Day: 43


Week 5 Nutes: 1Tbl Big Bloom, 2t Tiger Bloom RO 1gallon

19 days ago

Day: 40


1g RO water

21 days ago

Day: 38


Week 4 Nutes 3t Grow Big 2t Tiger Bloom

24 days ago

Day: 35

Pre flower starting, Water RO about 1/3 gallon

a month ago

Day: 32

Week 3 Nutes: 2Tbl Big Bloom 3t Grow Big

a month ago

Day: 28

More LST clips

a month ago

aconil What is those blue things? How do you call it?

Midwest Cannabis Co

Midwest Cannabis Co They are LST Clips (Low Stress Training) and I got them off of Amazon!

aconil Thanks!!

Day: 21

Start of LST with clips

a month ago

ruckus12 Man that’s a great idea. I have to look for the plans and 3d print one.

Midwest Cannabis Co

Midwest Cannabis Co Thank you! Amazon special! Was scared originally to put them on

Day: 20

1/2g RO water

a month ago

Day: 13

Week 2 Nutes: 2Tbl Big Bloom 1Tbl Grow Big Fox Farms Ph 6.0

2 months ago

Day: 9

Water 1/2 G ph 6.2

2 months ago

Day: 6

First feed half gallon of RO water with 30ml of Foxfarms big bloom ph to 6.0

2 months ago

Day: 4


2 months ago

Day: 1

Popping out

2 months ago