Trigger - Pineapple Express

Early Summer 2022

Armoire Grow Cabinet and Unicorn Light. 5 gal cloth.

Pineapple Express - Fast Buds

Day 52 (Week 8)

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Day: 52

Full gallon again. Probably doing PK booster starting next water.

a year ago

Day: 50

Full gallon of water! Looking to start PK booster soon.

a year ago


bonojohnson Awesome

Day: 48

Almost at a gallon per watering! She’s just lovely!

a year ago

Day: 46

I think she’s finally done stretching. Will be adding PK booster in a few weeks.

a year ago


zdgrows37 Healthy


organic_grower Nice plant👍


NMcannabisGarden Really bad ass. It’s auto right?

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Day: 44

She’s still stretching! Hopefully she will be done soon.

a year ago

RichMcflyy Niceeee 🔥🔥🔥

Day: 40

Watering day! Increased fish shit.

a year ago


organic_grower Nice and happy!

Day: 38

Water day! Seems to be doing better with the light. Sitting around 950 par at canopy. LST did very well keep it mostly level.

a year ago

Day: 36

Very thirsty girl. Was almost bone dry. Watered till runoff. Dialed back the lights a bit. Par was way too high.

a year ago

Day: 34

Another 2l of water today

a year ago

Day: 32

Added 2l of water. She’s on a proper wet/dry cycle now. So many nodes have popped up.

a year ago

Day: 30

What a thirsty girl! Another 2l added. 1.5ml of fish shit and 1 tbsp of stoned dust

a year ago

Day: 28

Added 1.5l today, pot was light and meter showed dry. Also added 1.5ml fish shit.

a year ago

Day: 27

Tomorrow will be a big watering day. Today just did about 250ml.

a year ago


srzzz try lifting instead of small amounts of water man

Day: 25

Day after LST

a year ago


kissofthewolf88 Is that a super cropped bend I see?

BVR Still a noob so not 100% sure what that is, so maybe :)

Day: 24

LST and watering today. Gave 1.5 l to soak the pot as it was dry.

a year ago

Day: 22

Looking at stress training probably tomorrow

a year ago

Day: 21

Ended up not soaking till today. Let her dry out a bit as I was unsure if she had too much water prior. Now it’s hard to tell but seems could need water. We will see if she gets worse or better after this.

a year ago

Day: 19

Did some tucking today, added about 250ml. Looking to do soak tomorrow.

a year ago

Day: 18

Big water yesterday to get deep about 1000ml added fishshit. Today only 200ml. Next few days same.

a year ago

Day: 15

Gave her about 200ml, lowered the lights a bit as she seems a bit stressed.

a year ago

Day: 14

Watered entire top. Did about 1 liter to soak deeper after drying out yesterday. The next few days will be lighter water / 100ml-200ml to continue encouraging the top roots while bottom roots continue to drink what we did today.

a year ago

Day: 11

Gave about 500/ml mostly on outer edge working in. Something seemed to throw her off a little in color but otherwise seems to be well.

a year ago


gpurps Seems to be liking that amount of water 👍

Day: 6

Sprayed about 200ml on the entire surface

a year ago


gpurps Curious to know how you came up with that amount? Hard to find good info. On how much to water to use and when.

BVR A lot of trial and error. I’m very much a newb still and just doing my best to not overwater


gpurps Thanks, yes seems to be the way most people are doing it, including myself…newbie here too.

Day: 4

Looking good! About 100ml sprayed mostly outer working in.

a year ago

Day: 2

About 100ml added. More so on the sides to encourage root growth

a year ago

Day: 1

Popped yesterday. Gave about 100ml to wet surface around her.

2 years ago