Jessie Pinkman-Chef Anna

Fall 2021

2 Pinkman’s, popped seeds in Jiffy’s on September 27 2021. Sprouted October 1 2021. Transferred Jiffy’s to red solo cups October 1 and put them under light.

Jessie Pinkman-Autoflower

Day 70 (Week 10)

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Day: 70


Two more weeks till the chop

2 years ago

Day: 61

Couple more weeks till the sloppy choppy

2 years ago


ganjaman420 Love to see it

Day: 56

Can’t wait to smoke these girls!

3 years ago

Day: 24

Vegging all crazy. Topped one plant, doing a bit of lst on one, and 3rd plant just some minor defoliation. Watered again today. Calmag and Urb microbes only. Starting the fox farm buds and blooms next week

3 years ago

Day: 19

Watered today

3 years ago

Day: 16

Water day. Calmag and Urb microbes. Topped 1 plant.

3 years ago

Day: 11

Watered today. Calmag and urb Natural

3 years ago

Day: 8

Transplanted into 5 gallon square cloth pots. Watered with distilled water, 5mL Calmag, 30mL Urb Natural Microbes. 30mL just as an inoculant.

3 years ago

Day: 7

Transplant day tomorrow.

3 years ago

Day: 4

Added humidifier in tent. Humidity peaked at 90% with tent zipped up. Corner of tent unzipped, Rh at 75-80%

3 years ago

emd555 I’m confused… if ur humidity is so high why add a humidifier?

Just_Ceeez That happened after I added the humidifier.

emd555 Ahh got ya!

Day: 2

Let the growth begin!

3 years ago