Second Grow 2020

Spring 2020

This is my second grow. While my first grow contained bag seeds and luck, this round I’ve chosen to purchase some real strains. In this grow I’m continuing to use; 2’x2’x4’ grow tent, 300w full spectrum LED, 8” fan, smart pots, general hydroponics, perlite and soil.

Northern Lights : Purple : Amnesia Gold

Day 7 (Week 1)

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Day: 7

04/13/20 Came back from my parents house to the plants needing some water but overall looking great! 2nd Set of real leaves appeared and looks healthy, while the northern lights a month from plant looks great!

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Day: 6


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Day: 5


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LucasBudgell One of the primary leaves seems deformed, watering when needed pH balanced water. Going to start nutes next week.

Day: 4

04/05/20 Beautiful day out, suns shining, birds are chirping and weed is growing! Sprout is looking good, had to remove the shell yesterday because it wasn’t shed off properly. Watered with pH balanced water while keeping half of a cut water bottle over the plant creating a humidity dome.

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Day: 3

04/04/20 Plant is approx. 1/2” tall, watering daily a small circle around the sproutling to allow it to get enough water without drowning!

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Day: 2

4/2/20 Going to start up this grow following the amnesia gold auto fem by Seedsman. Going to be using the same setup as the first; -2x2 Tent -300w LED -6” fan -Hydroponic Trio + Cal Mag

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Day: 1

ReGrow- Plant Failed 3 Northern light seeds Seedsmanseeds

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Day: 0

02/03/20 I’m not starting this grow right now, scheduled around beginning of March. Northern lights, Purple and Amnesia Gold. 🔥🔥

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