Black Triangle OG

Summer 2022

Seed obtained by Claybourne

Black Triangle OG

Day 56 (Week 8)

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Day: 56

Healthy growth

2 months ago


GrowthNDevelopment This girl is stunted. Unless you were going for uncannily miniature plants

Day: 41

Keeping it alive

3 months ago

Day: 37

Reason for worry?

3 months ago

Day: 33

Keepin it goin

3 months ago

Day: 24

New Leaves coming in

3 months ago

Day: 18

New leaves

4 months ago


xVADERxTOKERx Looking good there! Have you started feeding yet?

stargush I’m very amateur at growing so i’m not familiar with the more efficient details of it


xVADERxTOKERx Are you planning on feeding it? Or did you use soil with fertilizer in it?

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Day: 14

New setup, 3 Green Crack seeds in transit

4 months ago

Day: 9

Grew a bit

4 months ago

Day: 8


4 months ago