Black Widow, Skywalker OG, Bruce Banner

Summer 2019

Two black Widow’s, one Skywalker OG, and one Bruce Banner. 4 x 4 x 6 grow tent with 25 gallon drain to waste hydroponic setup. 5 gallon air pots with Coco Coir Pearl grow medium. 641W LED grow light (3000W equivalent).

Black Widow, Skywalker OG, Bruce Banner

Day 67 (Week 10)

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Day: 67


Buds are getting fatter, orange hairs showing. Base nutrients was changed to advance nutrients Sensi Bloom A&B but using the GH boosters.

3 years ago

Day: 43

Setting up everything without the tent... they stretched like crazy 👍. 12/12 lighting and still preflower nutes

4 years ago

Gocolts18 Are those autos?

Day: 40

These girls stretched so much. Just lolipopped them. Still in flower 12/12 lighting. I gotta get some hooks today today to raise the light as high as it can go. SOG is a little too late. Probably going to just tie the limbs up to dow rods...

4 years ago

Day: 32

First day of Flower. Lights set to 12/12. Using Flora Maxi supporting nutes, Si Gaurd, calimagic, diamond nectar, floralicious, rapidstart, and kool bloom liquid plus base nutes. No more individual pics of plants. Too close together. Still need to setup my SCROG but man I’ve been busy with work.

4 years ago

Day: 28

Later tonight I’m putting the SCROG over them. Thinking I’m going to start 12/12. My 4x4 won’t handle 4 monsters. So from seed I’m about 35 days of veg. Next grow I’m going to do a mother plant and grow from clones.

4 years ago

Day: 25

New stuff for the tent today. These girls are looking healthy.

4 years ago

Day: 24

Gonna look real nice SCROG’ed. Gonna keep LST’ing the girls for a week and see how she looks.

4 years ago

Day: 23

Didn’t have metal hangers, Amazon next day delivery of GearTie foam twist ties cut into 8-10” lengths. Made a hook like a candy cane and stuffed in between the wall and soil to pull them down. One Black Widow is partially done but may hold off for some more growth. I’m excited. I will be SCROG’ing these girls.

4 years ago

Day: 22

Late doing there LST but planning on getting some wire ties from Michaels today. Still in veg, upped their watering as they’re drinking more. 2x a day they’re looking healthy 👍

4 years ago

Tres4_growsloud Nice plants are looking good 👍🏾.. how do you find the water coverage with those drippers? Or do u still hand water ever once while to make sure the coco is fully saturated?

Gocolts18 Save your money and use a metal coat hanger. Cut it into 10" rods and bend a hook on the end to hold the arms down.

Tres4_growsloud Yup that what I use☝🏽

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Day: 20

Next update will have LST pictures. The one Black Widow is still catching up. No settings changes today. Still veg nutes but going to add Nitrozime to a spray bottle and mist them all with that.

4 years ago

Day: 19

Cut off lower fan leaves and added more coco pearl for added room for roots. Plants switched to 3 minutes of watering per day instead of 1. pH is 5.9 in the reservoir. Added proper drain to waste drain. Added air stone to reservoir to promote healthy bacteria. LST this Saturday coming 👍

4 years ago

Day: 18

3000W is really keeping the nodes nice and tight. Really need to add some coco pearl and trim the bottom leaves soon. No changes in lighting or nutes

4 years ago

TheDankSide Every update the 4 individual pics are always Bruce Banner, Skywalker OG, Black Widow 1&2 (left then right)

Day: 15

Adjusted water much lower as I saw algae starting. Will be adding more coco coir to add more room for roots. Plants are really healthy👍. No change in nutes or lighting from previous post.

4 years ago

Day: 14


All pruned once. Still on the same nutrients in the 25 galllon reservoir. 18/6 lighting. My drain kit got lost in the mail from Amazon so that’ll be reshipped Monday. Plants are really taking off!

4 years ago

TheDankSide Added night time pic with room light on to show off the leaves.

Day: 10

3rd day of veg. GH Flora base. Maxi diamond Nectar, Armor Si, rapid roots, and Floralicious. 18/6 lighting. 3000W equivalent LED.

4 years ago

Day: 7

Plants are currently on 18/6 lighting and getting ready to switch to veg nutrients.

4 years ago