Girl Scout Cookies

Sep 2018

400w 8bulb 4 foot T5 HO, airpot, coco loco medium

Autoflower fim.

Day 59 (Week 9)

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Day: 59

Water only

4 years ago

Flowerhead I’m thinking about doing a raffle of 440w solarstorm led or my visparsectra light

Flowerhead If anyone can come close to guessing dry weight

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Day: 47

Just fed this week that’s it until harvest

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Are you serious? About the feeding. They look good.

Flowerhead Yep only fed twice once at week 3 5-5-5 and when I took pics I feed 5-8-5

Flowerhead I only use dry amendments got that technique from mr.canucks see YouTube. The t5 instead of led got from growboss ideas: I keep it simple I do like chemicals tasting weed and I still do a flush at the end.

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Day: 44


Tap water ph to 6.8 only

4 years ago

Flowerhead Old school t5 grow t5 rock if you know how to use them


Ducatiboy Shit any set of lights rock if you know how to grow hahaha and you’re in the know how to grow category

Flowerhead I always tell folks plants grow themselves we just along for the ride with helping out very little

Day: 35


Tap water ph 6.7

4 years ago

Shamar718 Nice what kind of pots are they you’re using? Where you recommend getting seeds from?


Ducatiboy Those are airpots. Seeds it depends on breeder mephisto are expensive but well worth it! You have dutch passion who autos are excellent and usually have higher yields then most auto breeders, you’ve got expert seeds and vast fast who are amazing as well. I only do business with three breeders personally mephisto, dutch passion and expert seeds. Every once in a while i’ll try a different breeder.


Ducatiboy Flowers looking good!

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Day: 28

Tap only ppm 6.0 to 6.9. Old school HO 4 foot 8bulb T5

4 years ago


Ducatiboy Them ladies will love the airpots!!

Day: 21

Tap ph 6.5 to 7

4 years ago

Day: 14

Feed with fox farm organic dry amendments 5-5-5 all purpose

4 years ago

Buddingbudda Same pots as me what size are yours? Looks like a nice spacious tent too! Will Be following

Day: 10

18/6 no nutrients

4 years ago