1st Grow journal

Winter smoke

Veggin in a 4'x2'x5' grow tent with (1) 300watt mars hydro led 4" 190cfm inline fan as an exhaust. 4" 100cfm for fresh air intake Growing medium is a 50/50 mix of foxfarm ocean forest & foxfarm happy frog with added soil amendments of perlite an vermiculite. Plan on training an feeding with foxfarm trio an maybe a scrog , These ladies are from regular unknown seeds an unknown genes. Stick with the journal and come grow with me 💪🏽

Mystery seeds

Day 28 (Week 4)

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Day: 28

Watering time for the beautiful nala bear i noticed a few were hungry but imma give them reg water an start them on the week 2nd Veg feeding schedule I also topped 4 an FIMed one Thinking about transplanting the grunt (#8) tomorrow. Till next time 🖖🏼

6 years ago

Day: 25

Post transplant into 1Gal Week 1 Veg Nala bear

6 years ago

LuckyLeftT Wow looks good, Using and nutrients or supplements?

Indica_reak Thanks 💪🏽 been working ma butt off

Indica_reak But yes they are getting 4.5 tsp of the foxfarm big bloom an 2.5 mL of the grow big I added a lil rooting hormone when I transplanted but today they look a lil more hungry for the Nitrogen

Day: 16

Coming along nicely I would say

6 years ago

Day: 4

Watered yesterday at 6.3 1week of seedling for these mystery ladies

6 years ago

LuckyLeftT What the optimum temp for those Ladies?

LuckyLeftT ...and humidity?

Indica_reak They sit around 55%-65% humidity An temps 73*-82*