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Day 34 (Week 5)

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Day: 34

Similar claw like leaves likely caused by nitrogen toxicity. Changed out water 543ppm 6.94ph

9 months ago

Scano13 Is that 543ppm from the runoff? Just wondering as wanting to compare to mine thanks

Day: 33

Added nutrients this morning including Lotus bloom. New growth tips are curling down. May change water tomorrow. 870ppm 6.26ph.

9 months ago

Day: 32

Seems to have recovered from transplant and is growing again rapidly in the last day. Added nutrients yesterday and topped up on hydrogen peroxide amend water today. 627ppm 6.17ph on new, uncalibrated meter.

9 months ago

Day: 19

Still recovering from inconsistent ph. Moved into 5 gallon bucket today. 4 scoops nutrient mix. ~6.2 ph.

10 months ago

Day: 16

Deficiency caused by ph too high. H2o2 and ph down added and leaves are perkier already already

10 months ago

Day: 9

Growing first 3-tipped leaves. Roots growing quick

10 months ago

Day: 5

Tap root is long enough to reach basin. It had grown sideways originally so unsure how long it’s be unsubmerged, maybe a reason why leaves a little pale. Lights 80%. Water ph 6.5 87ppm (might need a new meter). 1 scoop lotus grow nutrients added.

10 months ago


gunoguap i had a tap root so that and the plant dried out. no idea why

Day: 2

Started same day and tech as orange-utan. Purple-ish stem, leaves perky and green.

10 months ago