Trainwreck auto


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Cannabis sativa/indica/ruderalis

Day 69 (Week 10)


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Day: 69

Shiiit maybe another 2 weeks for her

4 days ago

Day: 64



9 days ago

Day: 63

This girl is a beast

10 days ago


BL_Smoke Looks so dope!

Day: 54

Is the yellowing cuz of fading or something else?

19 days ago

Day: 48


25 days ago

Day: 41


Damn she is tall!

a month ago

Day: 32


The one that didn’t get topped is impressively tall, I expect to get a good 2 oz minimum off her. Both plants are showing pistils

a month ago

Day: 28


Accidentally topped the second trainwreck

a month ago

Day: 22


First day of LST on these lil girls

2 months ago

Day: 17

Need to begin to implement LST soon. At least by day 24

2 months ago

Day: 12

These girls are about to take off I can feel it

2 months ago

Day: 8

Idk how that one hasn’t escaped its shell yet

2 months ago

Day: 5

These seem stunted

2 months ago

Day: 3

2nd sprout is still coming out

2 months ago

Day: 0

Time to start counting days

2 months ago