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Day 104 (Week 15)

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Day: 104


63/63 times up ladies your beds are needed. Chop chop this week.

3 years ago

Day: 97



3 years ago

Day: 91


51/63. Breeder says 9weeks to flower these. So two weeks to go. Tri’s like glass .

3 years ago

Day: 83



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Day: 76



3 years ago

Day: 69

29/63 . Fading a little early, showing some deficiencies, only half way through flowering . May have to give store brought nutes. Grown organically with teas /ferments so far.

3 years ago


mystrain420 Go to a site called aggressive gardening for tea recipes. I had early fading also when I flowered organic and I found some good recipes there and on old forums. If your gonna hit a hydro store u can stay organic at least

Day: 61


4 years ago


GreenVision How do these nets work does the veg just grow through it?


combatmedic81 Greenvision. Once the plants are at desired height you can lower the nets slightly onto the plant or place the branches where you want in the nets. They are for support when the branches and buds start getting heavy

Day: 54


4 years ago

Day: 48

7/63 . Bigbud is stretching a little. Mites showed up again.😡. Do not like sprays but have to jump on mites quick. Should have kept up with the predator mites they kept under control.

4 years ago


ogeast Sorry to hear that. But at least the girls are looking healthy👏

Day: 41

Last day veg. Put 12/12 from tomorrow

4 years ago

Day: 33

One more week for power and blue to catch up

4 years ago

Day: 27

Two autos big bud in the middle to fill holes quicket

4 years ago

Day: 20

Hopefully half way through veg

4 years ago

Day: 13


4 years ago

Day: 5

Growing already, PP and BW seeds popped

4 years ago

Day: 0

Two more seeds to add

4 years ago