Pure Fire

Winter 2023

To pure Fire photo seeds  germination process started today

Pure Fire x Super Boof

Day 76 (Week 11)


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Day: 76


We’re off to the races guys. Not much of a change did a defoliation, and now she is going to veg for approximately until she is about 2 foot tall.

6 months ago

Day: 67


Hey everyone, we topped again so now we have 8 beautiful tops that I’m going to let mature then flip. I started using BlackStrap Molasses Unsulfured, with Cal Meg and 444 by DTE & to refresh the soil, we do 4cups of Fresh Worm Castings. The main Line was extremely intense when doing it seeing it now as it growing is absolutely stunning and completely blows my mind, I will be Vegging her for another 2mo to full allow it to mature. Then flip her and watch her stretch. Stay Frosty my peeps!

7 months ago

Day: 60


Hello Everyone, well we did it we started the main line, and let me tell you she is thriving. Going to top again very soon. Everything else has been the same.

7 months ago

Day: 48


Hey everyone just a weekly update, first time feeding with the 444 down to earth. started mainlining topped last week no defoliation no leaf tucking.

7 months ago

Day: 38


Hey guys, just another weekly update one of the plants are mutated. The other plant is doing phenomenal. Thriving in their environment

8 months ago

Day: 32


Hey everyone we are on week 4 of these babies. We had a soul issue which I believe is fixed. Plants are on a 18/6 and watered with cal Meg. They were transplanted into 5 gal resting pots. Looking foreword to seeing how these babies pull out. Stay frosty my people

8 months ago

Day: 25


Hey everyone, lotta new growth. Plants is looking great. These are photos so they took a little bit longer not really used to it I’m used to auto flowers.  waiting for her to get a little bit bigger, stronger, and I will transplant into 5 gallon pots.

8 months ago

Day: 17


Little guys are doing good. They are not autos their photos, so it takes a little bit longer in the seedling stage. I got the soil amended. It was just a little too hot in the beginning for the little ones we’re getting these things rocking out.

8 months ago

Day: 12


Hey everyone one of my little ones are experiencing some issues if you see from the pics one has purple on the leaves any ideas?

8 months ago


Ewaters91 Gotta let the medium dry out a bit. Could also be nutrient deficiency or nutrient burn. is a great resource for new and seasoned bean poppers.


TheRootStimulator Thanks man it’s worm castings perlite and coco I think I have to fix the medium

Day: 4


 germination 100 percent

9 months ago