Orange Amnesia

Master Sensei

Medium - Roots Organic Lush , Earth Dust Nutrients, 3 Gallon (Final Pot)


Day 64 (Week 10)

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Day: 64


She’s almost there. Looking real good and frosty. Will probably get chopped in a week or so.

a year ago


bigsammy 👍👍👍

Day: 57


This one definitely won’t yield a lot, but it looks helllla good. Buds are getting fat. The inner nodes were kinda long, buds probably won’t all connect.

a year ago


Moneybaggz Nice and healthy

Day: 49

Starting to get really frosty. I wonder if the buds will get fat enough to connect. Seemed like this plant just had long internodes from sprout. But other than that, she comin along well so far.

a year ago

Day: 43


Probably won’t yield much. BUT she may be some fire.. she smells great already.

a year ago

Day: 37


We’re in flower! Went into flower pretty quick. Was hoping she’d get a little thicker. Just gotta roll with the punches.

a year ago

Day: 21

She Comin’ along…

a year ago

Day: 16

Just a pic update.

a year ago

Day: 12

A little progress. Been about 3 days since watering.

a year ago

Day: 9

Noticeable growth. Luckily no major stress from transplant.

a year ago