Gorilla Punch Auto

October 2022

A single plant.


Day 43 (Week 7)


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Day: 43

I’m seeing pistils now so I guess it’s officially flowering

19 hours ago

Day: 41

Day 41 still no pistils, just giving her water since feeding

3 days ago

Day: 39

Lush green 🥴

5 days ago

Day: 36

Gave her a haircut too. FIM’ed her instead of topping on accident so she got bushy.

8 days ago

Day: 35

Main colas standing back up

9 days ago

Day: 34

Tied her main colas down a little more.

10 days ago

Day: 32

Need help diagnosing the issue, straightened her up with BETTER LST

12 days ago

Day: 31

Got cold again and had to throw in a seedling mat and crank up the lights to the max. Responded well to lst but now I have a mess, should I defoliate soon?

13 days ago

Day: 30

It got extremely cold yesterday and today and I didn’t expect it. Started Lst, also turns out I fimmed/topped this one on accident. I snipped the new growth in the middle and 2 more came out but the third kept growing. Thinking about snipping it🤔

14 days ago

Day: 28

Starting lst in da morning.

16 days ago

Day: 26

I don’t know what to say im doing something right?🤷🏻‍♂️

18 days ago

Day: 25

Getting bigger and bigger

19 days ago

Day: 24

Explosive growth😎

20 days ago

Day: 22

15 hours later and the gorilla punch is standing back up towards the light, went ahead and topped her too.

22 days ago

Day: 21

Had a little trouble with her stretching and she toppled over from the fast ass growth she just did. Propped her up with some medium lol

22 days ago

Day: 18

Think they’re liking the transplant‼️

25 days ago

Day: 15

Burned the hell out of them with the lights for 2-3 days lol, but the new growth is nice.

a month ago

Day: 1

A lot of stretching but it’ll be straight once I move her into the tent.

a month ago